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Causes of Hair Loss Explained

Author: Panacea Global
by Panacea Global
Posted: Feb 19, 2019

Hair loss is a quite a common problem today. The causes are many but under no circumstances should you ever believe that it cannot be treated. Thanks to the advanced hair loss treatment facilities like hair transplant, it is not all impossible to beat the impact of hairloss.

What are the major causes of hair loss?

If you go through the causes of hair loss in this post – it will not really be difficult for you to gauge why hair loss has assumed such a monstrous shape today. Stress, for instance, remains one of the major causes behind hairfall today. And, we all know how common a problem stress itself is! Blame it on our demanding work schedules, lack of work-life balance, personal problems, relationship issues and so much more – we can tell you that stress is almost a regularity today. And, this is precisely the reason why almost all of us end up experiencing some degree of hair loss every day. Seeking the services of credentialed professionals engaged in hair restoration delhi will actually help you address hair loss in the fashion that it should be approached. Here is a look at the other reasons behind hair loss.

Thyroid and Hair Loss: Are they Connected?

Not many are aware – but do let us tell you that hair loss also occurs owing to thyroid. Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can actually lead to loss of hair. This is because of the fact that both these conditions can actually lead to hormonal imbalance. And, we all understand the crucial role played by hormones in regulating each and every organ of our body. Hair growth – is of course – one of the very important elements controlled by hormones. A little irregularity there and you would actually end up experiencing hair loss. Hair loss treatment can turn out to be of help in this regard. It gets the hormones under control – simultaneously taming loss of hair.

Hair loss might be the side effect of medication as well. Oral contraceptives, medicines for depression, Calcium channel blockers, frequent consumption of drugs containing vitamin A are just a few reasons contributing to hair loss presently experienced by you. Are you listening?

What else should you know?

Have you already sought advice from a hair loss treatment clinic in Delhi? Do remember that professionals during consultations (i.e. before getting on with the actual treatment) might as well want to know your medical history to gauge whether or not your medicines have to do something with the hair loss.

Please remember that if you are actually willing to make the most of what hair transplant has to offer you then you are reaching out to a credentialed hair transplant professional without fail. Do not really go on to choose services in an arbitrary fashion. Please make sure that you are selecting professionals with substantial industry exposure, good reputation, ratings and reviews. Reach out to trusted friends and peers to find out about their experience with the hair transplant professionals. Taking these points in view will help you make an informed decision.

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Panacea Global Hair Services is one of the most trusted hair transplant clinic in Delhi India. We have a band of awarded doctors and medical assistants, committed to serving hair fall suffering people.

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