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In Anthem: Choose Your The Best Class

Author: Poppy Quan
by Poppy Quan
Posted: Feb 23, 2019

Cheap anthem key is BioWare's latest science fiction series focused on fighting and exploring high-tech deadly combinations, the so-called Javelin. There are four types of spears in the game: Ranger, Colossus, Storm and Interceptor. We all have strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to know what style of play is best for each class.

The ranger spear is the first player he has found and is the most versatile of the four classes. Unlike other specialized javelins in a certain style, the Ranger is ideal for people who switch at will between attack and defense. Due to its poor health, its usefulness and the high mobility of the ranger, it can serve as a border fighter and a reactive defense unit that can help an ally or an objective in difficulty. However, it lacks the special elements that make other spears useful, so the Ranger class must fight against enemies that require a more specific approach.

With its enormous size, even larger health group and high potential for short and medium range damage, the Colossus spear is designed to approach the Anthem group tank. Its unique automatic gunguns and powerful melee combat skills make it a brutally effective fighter that draws the attention of enemies to your allies and to you. Fortunately, when it's too hot, you can use a large shield to absorb the damage. The huge chassis of the Colosse also allows it to be equipped with artillery weapons capable of relieving enemies from afar and using them for a combo of allies. However, the colossus's weakness is its speed and lack of endurance performance. Its enormous size makes it, by far, the slowest spear. Good positioning is crucial. Also, it does not have a long-term consistent effect. So, unless you decide to bring a sniper rifle, you have to be in combat all the time.

Stormspear is the counterpart of a magician. Their devastating elemental attacks have the greatest potential for damage of any kind, but the disadvantage is that they have extremely poor health. Fortunately, it also has the ability to float in the same place for an extended period of time to ensure that the storm is always above the enemy. In addition, storm attacks also have a very long range, so it is usually possible to shoot or thunder out of reach of the enemy. However, they often can not kill everyone on their own, and the number of enemies that approach you is a threat. Therefore, it is important to know when to withdraw from advancing enemies.

The spear of the interceptor is the fastest class and also the most acrobatic. As a "villain" of the group, the Interceptor is designed to be a very touched melee ninja, even overcoming Coloss attacks with its fast and lethal attacks. The disadvantage is health below average and lack of power over long distances. Therefore, Interceptor players must use the escape and jump capabilities of the spear to stay in combat and take damage. In addition, the interceptors are also equipped with special attacks, such as acid sprays that weaken enemies and make them more susceptible to damage. This spear is therefore a good support.Buy anthem origin key for yourself at

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