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Which Mattress to Pick for a Picnic with Your Girlfriend

Author: Adam Clapton
by Adam Clapton
Posted: Feb 24, 2019

Picnics can be a very romantic way to spend time with your girlfriend, watching the sun set. To increase your comfort, you might like to bring a mattress along to sit or lie on together. Obviously, a traditional foam mattress would be to impractical to carry with you. However, you can take a camping mattress with you, as most of them are compact enough to fit into the picnic basket. This article will discuss some helpful tips to consider when purchasing your next camping mattress.

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a camping mattress is how lightweight it is. Activities like camping trips and picnics often require some level of hiking to get to either the campsite or the picnic location. For this reason, having a mattress that you can lift and carry easily is important. You should also try to find a compact mattress, preferably one that can fit easily into a box, bag or picnic basket. Additionally, you should make sure that the mattress bag has handles to make your mattress even easier to carry. By purchasing a lightweight, compact mattress you will be able to more easily able transport it, making it more practical.

Another consideration when purchasing a camping mattress is how strong the material is. When setting a mattress up for a picnic you will often be placing it over uneven ground. Also, you might need to set-up the mattress over sticks or rocks, which may puncture the mattress, causing it to deflate. A strong material will be more resistant to these kinds of punctures, which may cause the mattress to become uncomfortable or no longer hold air. You should also check how much weight the mattress can hold, especially if you intend to sit or lie on the mattress with your partner.

You should also consider how the mattress inflates. There are many different types of mattresses, with different ways of inflating. Some mattresses require an air pump, some self-inflate and some have a pumping mechanism built into the fabric. You should try to get an inflation method that doesn’t require you to bring along any additional equipment. You should also try to get a mattress that inflates quickly, as you don’t want to be waiting around too long after a long hike to enjoy the picnic. You should take note of how long a mattress takes to deflate. Finally, you should make sure that you get a mattress with a relatively simple inflation/deflation process, as trying to understand a complex series of steps to get the mattress inflated can kill a romantic mood and may put a dampener on a camping trip.

Finally, you should check how comfortable the mattress is for sleeping and sitting on. The main reason for taking a mattress on a picnic or camping trip is to make the experience more comfortable for you and your partner. A comfortable mattress for sleeping is also highly beneficial if friends or family come to visit unexpectedly, as you will have a way for them to sleep. Also, if a mattress is comfortable enough to fall asleep on, it will certainly be comfortable enough to sit on when having a picnic. In many camping shops, salesmen will be happy to show how the mattress works and allow you to lie on the mattress to test it in-store. However, if they aren’t willing to let you test it, you can look for online reviews of people who brought the mattress to see if it has lived up to their expectations. You might even be able to see some YouTube videos of people inflating and deflating the mattress to see how that process works and how fast it is.

This article has examined some great tips to purchase a camping mattress. These mattresses are often small and compact, making them the perfect accessory to add a little more comfort to a romantic picnic. Several suggestions were provided to help you select the best mattress for your needs. We looked at the importance of purchasing a lightweight mattress, made of strong material that inflates and deflates quickly and easily. We also looked at how making sure you buy a comfortable mattress for sleeping can help make it more versatile, allowing you to use it if friends or family want to unexpectedly stay with you overnight. Hopefully, you now have all the information you need to select the perfect mattress for your next picnic.

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