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Some of the incredible features in the luxurious motorhomes you can have

Author: Avida Gold Coast
by Avida Gold Coast
Posted: Mar 01, 2019

When looking for a motorhome, many folks lower their expectations in comparison to when they are shopping for a traditional house. Touring holidays are not what they once in past days thanks to all the modern manufacturing techniques and technology. Our mobile homes, whether they be caravans or self-propelled vehicles feature more than any luxury house. Designer realised that they need to pack all modern conveniences into a relatively small space and came up with stunning solutions.

Here are some features you can expect to find in the most luxury motorhomes in Australia.

The Engines

The turbo-diesel engines today are up to the job of pulling off these monsters, but even with efficient monsters, they consume much fuel. I guess if you can afford to buy a top of the range motorhome, the cost of fuel is not an issue.

Size is everything

It makes sense, the bigger the area, the more you can fit into it. Today, the luxurious motorhomes have expandable sides so that when you're on site, you can enlarge the space with a touch of a button.


When you reach your destination once, computer controlled levelling systems will take care of all the handwork for you. All the levelling work on hydraulics/pneumatics and work quickly and efficiently.

Full-cooking facilities

The latest luxury motorhomes in Australia come equipped with everything you would expect to find in a high-class kitchen at home. These facilities mainly include a full cooker, double sink, and even a dishwasher to make your life comfortable and cut down on holiday chores. As well as, these are also well-equipped with modern kitchen cabinets designed using high-quality timber like mahogany or oak.


The best motorhome comes with two bathrooms. At least one of them will have a full-sized shower cubicle so adults can wash in comfort. Many of the smaller units have a shower, but they are of no use, in reality.


You need to know that your caravan is safe. Many of the top models are featured with security alarms and immobilises, so your only responsibility is to keep the keys safe.


the latest model of luxury motorhomes come with mobile Internet connections and satellite dishes, so you never need to miss out all those luxuries that you have at your home.


Climate control will keep the occupants at a comfortable temperature whatever the weather outside. These vehicles also include system filters to remove the bad air particles and pollen that may irritate them. You will get a full-sized double bed and singles and bunk beds in other areas.

As you can see, now you don't need to compromise with your accommodation when you are on your holidays; just take an advanced motorhome with you and enjoy a fantastic and safe journey!

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Avida Gold Coast began operations in June 2012 as Hinterland Winnebago and has grown rapidly to being one of Australia’s leading Motorhome and Caravan dealerships for the Winnebago Australia brand that was renamed to Avida in 2013.

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