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How and Why to use Herbal Hair Serum to your Hair?

Author: Harry Patel
by Harry Patel
Posted: Mar 02, 2019
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Right next to the shampoo and conditioner is the hair serum in the troika of hair wash and care. Hair serums are used after the hair wash and conditioning. Hair serum is an extra protective coating on the hair. It protects the hair from pollution, giving it extra softness and shine. But a hair serum can do far more than that. It could solve the nagging hair problem you have — frizziness, dryness or style management.

What are Hair Serums?

Today we have herbal hair serum as well as the conventional commonly available serums. Conventional hair serum is silicone-based formulations that are used primarily as a styling tool. It has a thick consistency. The serum is meant to make the hair more manageable while protecting it against pollution and make it softer. It is a quick-fix method to take care of the hair texture, from frizziness to dryness. It makes sure that your hair keeps looking good even a few days after the wash.

The problem with most hair serums you see in the store is that most of these are silicone-based. While that may make your soft on application, in the long-term it leaves the hair brittle and dry. The other problem lies in the way women apply hair serums. There are certain dos and don’ts that should be followed when using the serum.

Why use Herbal Hair Serum?

Most conventional hair serums have a silicone base, which can be harmful in the long run. It makes the hair dry and brittle. Regular application of silicone causes in its accumulation, which is not recommended. Herbal serums, on the other hand, are made of nourishing oils and essential oils. These oils have many properties that protect and nourish the hair while keeping it soft and shiny.

Herbal serums make the hair more lustrous while strengthening them from within. They are also more environmentally friendly since there are no harmful chemicals that are likely to be washed off the hair and into the drawing system. Herbal serums use oils like avocado, coconut, jojoba, argan, and almond. These are carrier oils that help in the penetration of the serum. These oils are known for their sustaining assets. Each promotes growth and strength of the hair.

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The other element in herbal hair oil is the essential oils. These include jasmine, rosemary, lemon, lavender, and rose. These oils carry a pleasant fragrance along with a host of other nutrients. Sometimes we may also use elements like allow Vera and rose water to get the right consistency. Both are also rich in nutrients that help the hair. Aloe Vera, in particular, is used to making the hair soft and shiny.

The right way to use hair serums

The biggest problem with hair serums is that most people use it in the wrong manner. Hair serums are not the same as hair oils or conditioners. They should be applied in a different way. Here are the Dos and Don’ts:


    • Apply the serum to the hair ends. The most common mistake people make is to apply the serum to their scalp or start from the roots and then working it to the end of the hair. Putting the serum at the roots just adds to product build-up. Instead, it must be done the other way round. Apply the serum at the ends and make sure that you go no further than the midsection.
    • Know your hair type and what you want to address. There are many types of hair serums, including serums meant for hair growth, straightening, dealing with fizzy, oily, and damaged hair. Knowing your hair type will help you choose the right serum.
    • Use the hair spray instead of hair gel or hair spray, which are loaded with harmful chemicals. Just press down the hair as you apply the serum.


    • Do not use too much Herbal Hair Serum. These are concentrated formulations and applying too much serum will only leave your hair greasy. A pea-sized amount is sufficient.

Do not use a serum before washing the hair. It’s not hair oil. It should be applied when the hair is clean. It seals in the moisture and keeps the hair protected. You can apply it again, but the first application should always be on clean hair.

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