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React Native Developer Tips

Author: Ronak Patel
by Ronak Patel
Posted: Apr 05, 2019
react native

Learning JavaScript:

  • If you want to be a
React native developer, you need to initiate from learning JS and React. There are a number of helpful tutorials out there to guide you in a basic manner.

For building a mobile application using react native are Redux, ES6 and backend techs with side learning of debugging, testing, navigation, and so on.

The foremost important thing is that one should learn the basic JavaScript so that React learning process will become simpler.

Navigation Library:

React Native navigation library doesn't have a good impression from the start, Such as Airbnb found when RN Navigation library was not working with their Brownfield Application.

After getting Navigation library issue Airbnb developers came up with their own navigation library, Today it is the 2nd most used navigational library after React Navigation. However, according to Airbnb take this feature only to a "Production Ready" till its 1.0 version releases.

Learning Native Code:

Many times developers need to implement any function that doesn't exist in the core library, so RN covers this issue with its API service which provides developers to use native libraries to implement required functions.

For implementing required functions at any stage, developers need to have a strong understanding of core native lang, such as iOS, Java, Android, & so on.

Choose the right Code editor:

There are number of IDEs available in the market which is different from one another and the right code editor can save your lot of development time as well.

The most popular Code editors are Atom, Nuclide, Sublime Text, VS Code and so on.

The best choice editor depends on two major things:

Easy to use:

It's a human habit; once we got comfort and familiarity with the thing, then we prefer to use it more compare to others so in this way it will continue with ease.

Features offered:

Such as many of you prefer multiple panels, While many of you want reliable and robust features.

React Native Debugging:

This way or that way React native Development is annoying when your project size grows, Because it uses Chrome Debugger, by using the Chrome JS engine.

JavaScript debugging can be only done on JavaScriptCore which creates odds between developers & JS execution environment.

For avoiding the above issues, developers do debug through Xcode on iOS & Android Studio on Android.

Upgrade Wisely:

A developer can upgrade react native wisely by un-linking native packages, upgrade it & then re-link them without difficulty.

Application Size on iOS & Android:

Developers should not use much of native components & third-party libraries so that the size of an app will reduce. Which will result in a good impact on the performance & load speed of Apps

Another way of reducing the size of Apps is to follow provided guidelines such as for Android; it can be done by reduce the size of graphics & enable Proguard. In Android, developers have access to the Android Profiler which is one of the best tools to analyze Android app performance like memory. CPU power & so on.

In iOS, this is quite a hectic task as iOS doesn't provide any straightway solution of this issue, but you can do some workarounds to improve iOS App size. While Xcode provides a debug View hierarchy button to developers which shows all views in a 3D way. sWith the help of debugging, view developer can inspect their full view tree in a very visual way.

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