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Author: Janet Peter
by Janet Peter
Posted: Mar 08, 2019
sleep deprivation

Summary of the topic

It is often thought that sleep is a rigid state of unconsciousness. The impact of fragmented sleep is significant and affects how people think and cope. The audio 2 "Sleep Deprivation" features a couple and their child as they try to go to bed. It is clear that babies cause sleep deprivation and may themselves suffer sleeplessness. On the other hand, babies may be able to regulate their own sleep very well. Babies get moody when they cannot sleep and might have had a harder time sleeping in and adapting to the new environment. The recording shows that sleeplessness and negative emotions go hand in hand even for babies

Most surprising information in the recording and why

The most surprising information concerns the unfolding protein response theory that explains tiredness after sleep deprivation. The theory explains that Sleep disruption has detrimental effects on the endoplasmic reticulum stress in the brain, which induces the unfolded protein response. Not enough sleep is causing the physiological state known as tiredness. People have different sleep requirements depending on various factors. Development, day to day activities, lifestyle factors such parenting deprive people their required sleep-in.

Another interesting fact learned is that performance may probably suffer in areas where the brain is required for use such as complex activities. By getting enough sleep, the opposite is true. Sleep organizes and makes connections within a person’s mind to the information they are trying to receive or action they are attempting to undertake. Therefore, If you have a complex activity to undertake, probably the not getting enough sleep and doing it all night is probably the wrong thing to do.

Sleep deprivation and Consciousness

The audio emphasizes the importance of the lack of sleep to our cognitive capacities. Sleep deprivation can impact everything including cognition, attention, and decision-making. Sleep deprivation impairs different brain networks related to behavior and cognitive abilities. When comparing the brain of an individual who is sleep-deprived to the brain of an individual who has slept normally, it is clear that sleep deprivation is linked to impaired cognitive function and behavior.

Therefore, sleep is crucial for higher cortical function because such as feeling grumpy do not allow the brain to work at its best. It might be important to seek cognitive behavioral therapy in case there is sleep deprivation. Because people sleep deprivation tend to become preoccupied with other activities, cognitive behavioral techniques may help them to change the behavior and try to build more healthy behaviors. It is also interesting to know that sleep is essential to the maintenance of mental health. Sleep helps to regulate mood. Insufficient sleep is linked to increased emotional disturbance and emotional reactivity. This is important because the lack of sleep slows down a person’s mind and could be negatively affect their overall mental development.

Usefulness of the information beyond the purposes of our class

The overall information is important and useful in future because I realize how sleep deprivation impacts people’s health. It is clear that some regions of the brain continue to function under sleep deprivation. Therefore, sleep is one of the important pillars of good health equally necessary as hydration, healthy foods and exercise. The audio demonstrates how sleep plays a central role in multiple processes that are critical to our health. On the surface, people may suffer through tiredness, poor energy levels, and bad moods. Sleep is critical to be productive, feel alerted, and for optimal body functioning.

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