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WooCommerce Designer Tool: A Customer-Centric Product Designer Tool

Author: Pratik Shah
by Pratik Shah
Posted: Mar 17, 2019

E-commerce websites have become a part of our lives. Each one of us likes to surf online before opting to buy anything in general. As a result of this increasing trend of e-business, every business owner is leaning towards creating a virtual shop of their own. And when it comes to hosting your business online, WooCommerce is one of the most renowned e-commerce platforms. It is free, open source, and comes with great features compared to other competitors in the market.

However, looking at today’s competition, having a WooCommerce store is never enough. You need to provide your customers with trendy and personalized products. You might have some of the trendy products but do you have those Game of Thrones’ new series t-shirts or Chelsea caps? Because nowadays customers like to personalize t-shirts, mugs, etc. with their own choice of prints & quotes on the clothes. They might need different prints according to trends & seasons as well. Everything is available for personalization and people are loving it.

So, the question is, does your store offer that?

If not, then one needs to have a WooCommerce Product Designer Tool to be in the market competing with other leaders. This tool will enable your users to create their own form of products with a user-friendly interface.

Let’s see how you can maximize the use of WooCommerce Product Customizer for the products that might be available on your e-commerce store.

Cards & Stationery:

In today’s time, when there are numerous ways available to send cards to your loved ones, your customers might want to create something out of the box from their imagination and bring it to life. You can give them an option to create designs on a luxe paper which they can send it in cute boxing with some decorated papers. All of this is possible with the product designer tool! You can enable them to browse the different types of papers like sheets, flat cards etc. as well. With different fonts and clip arts, it just provides a perfect touch!


Presently, a common mug or a glass as a gift might seem too vanilla to the receiver. It is a trend to give personalized mug with names, quotes these days. To enable your customers to design a unique mug design or a beverage glass, you can provide them with design options like text effects, personalized image upload, brush tool, etc. You can also display previous designs to make sure that your customers make the most out of your design store.

However, while providing these options, you need to ensure that your customers make the most out of your web-to-print design tool and do not skip any step necessary for designing their product. Displaying the previously designed products can also serve as an inspiration to first-time designers. Remember… give ample amount of assistance with your tool. Do not scare them off with a blank designing canvas!

Personalized Clothing:

If you want to step in the clothing industry as a unique name in the market, it is important to know your customers. You can see how mad people are when it comes to customized attires. E-giant Amazon recently won an award for "On-Demand Clothing Manufacturing Warehouse". It is a set up for end-to-end printing, eCommerce automation, and warehousing. Seeing such drastic transformations in the market, buckle up and integrate your store to provide the best of everything to your customers.

Photo Albums:

If you are under the impression that Photo Albums no longer work then think again. People love to print their special memorable days on the albums to make it last a lifelong. And if you are in the business of offering photo albums, you must have an idea about how the market is growing at a crazy rate. Make sure that your WooCommerce designer Tool lets your users create and design their photo album with their choice of colors, fonts, clipart, backgrounds, and more.


With an integrated designer tool, your customers can customize their shoes and flaunt in front of their friends and families. Whether they want to design a sneaker pair with their choice of cloth type or a uniquely designed shoe for formal wear. They can execute all such tasks using the integrated designer tool on your eCommerce store.

Summing it up…

Apart from the above-mentioned products, you can offer customization for diaries, mugs, calendars, pen drives, keychains, and other objects as well with the WooCommerce Product Designer Tool. Get one for your store today and make your business an industry leader in the market!

About the Author

Mr. Pratik Shah is Creative Head at Brush Your Ideas, Web-to-Print technology solution provider that offers Custom Product Design Software as well as Web-to-Print Storefront Solutions.

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Author: Pratik Shah

Pratik Shah

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