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4 Mistakes to Avoid While Clicking Pictures for Your Website

Author: Aarti Rane
by Aarti Rane
Posted: Mar 17, 2019

When you're running a business, the best way to remain profitable is to ensure that a lot of people know about it. Remember, it's not extremely difficult to do it these days. The advent of the internet has made it possible to take your business to a lot of people without much hassle. However, for that you need to take the business online.

Planning to take your business online?

The best way to take the business online is to create a website. For that, you need a lot of information. And you’ll also need great pictures of your products. Are you planning to take the pictures yourself? That might not be a wise decision. You can go for professional help and avail website product photography service.

While clicking the pictures, you must avoid a few mistakes.

Poor Use of Light

The use of light is extremely important while clicking any picture More so when you’re going for product photography, especially for your website. You have to ensure that the product appears in a proper way. This requires the right use of light. Besides, you need to maintain the white balance properly. The poor use of light can result in the photograph on your website become unclear. It can either be too bright or quite dark – not good enough to attract the attention of the potential customers.

Distracting Backgrounds

What kind of background are you planning to use for your website pictures? If you’re planning to share pictures of product photographs only, you can use white or black backgrounds, depending on the color of the products. However, if you’re using some other kind of background, you need to ensure that it’s not extremely distracting. The background will ensure that the readers of the website feel like continuing the process of going through the site.

Mistaken Focus

What is the focus of the picture you’re using in the website? When you’re planning to use the picture, you need to ensure that it’s in line with the content where it’s being used. One of the major mistakes you can commit is by using a photograph, which has an object in focus that has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the page. This is likely to result in a complete lack of context in the page and hence, will drive the readers away from it.

Unedited Photographs

One of the major mistakes you can commit is by not editing any of the photographs that you’re clicking for your website. You might feel that the pictures you’re clicking are of the best quality. Moreover, you can also expect that the pictures don’t need any editing. However, once you put them on the website, you’re likely to find that they don’t appear as wonderful as you expected them to. Hence, it’s always a good idea to edit the pictures before using them.


It takes a lot of effort to click the pictures for the website. However, if you’re staying in Atlanta, you can always go for a product photographer Atlanta to get the best pictures for your website.

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EtherArts Product Photography was started in May 2007 by Ms. Aarti, to provide low cost, high resolution white background product photography. We offer great images at low prices. Also available are Volume Discounts on already lowered prices. Our services are recommended by many of our clients in various industries, like Jewelry, products, handbags, cosmetics, Industrial and many more. Let us help your business too!

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EtherArts Product Photography was started in May 2007 by Ms. Aarti, to provide low cost, high resolution white background product photography.

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Author: Aarti Rane

Aarti Rane

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