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All You Need To Know About The NVR Security System

Author: Gw Security
by Gw Security
Posted: Mar 18, 2019

What is an NVR system

An NVR system stands for Network Video Recorder is a system designed to provide you with crystal clear viewing of footages and also allows remote access of it.With the help of an Online POE Switch we can take advantage of installing the NVR system very easily.

These are basically specialized computer systems that include a software computer system which allows us to record video from any camera be it Pan Tilt Zoom IP Camera in a good hard drive, a flash drive or any other storage device and is mainly designed to store the footage of the cameras

They help the cameras to store the footage clearly and the security cameras can clearly exist without the NVR systems using an SD card.

Difference between DVR and NVR cameras:-

DVR and NVR cameras are highly efficient and can be used in a varied rang of fields and are often confused with each other but they are different and here we will learn how both these systems are different in their own way and how we need to learn how to make the best possible use of both:-

Basically DVR stands for Digital video recorder and performs the same function of storage as an NVR camera but are different in other ways

Firstly they differ at the most basic level of how they process the stored videos where the NVR recorder encode the data and process the video data in the camera itself the DVR camera process the data at the recorder.

Secondly, the other difference is that the NVR systems can be wired or wireless whereas the DVR systems are authentically wired at all times.

Advantages of an NVR system:-

  1. These systems are designed to incorporate the best and the newest technology so that they can provide the most enriched experience.
  2. They are more flexible and a little bit more complex and newly designed than the old DVR system.
  3. They have more advanced hardware systems and efficiently designed and are better at functioning as compared to the DVR systems.
  4. They also provide the freedom to connect all the cameras to same network and can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere.
  5. The video quality of this system is also better as compared to the DVR systems and hence gives a better experience. Additionally these cameras also allow the audio to be carried on and stored which is a feature that is not allowed in other storage systems.

The NVR systems are widely used in all spheres of life to store and retain all kind of videos and footages as and when required. So now we know the working of the NVR systems, their difference from the DVR systems and also the major advantages that they hold which makes them worthy of using and installing.

According to our needs and demands we can use these systems usefully for our benefit and become more self reliant with our camera footages.

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