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How to Stream on Twitch?

Author: Rajesh Goyal
by Rajesh Goyal
Posted: Mar 25, 2019

All the gamers who love to show their skills to the massive audience are surely interested in How to Stream on Twitch. This is the way to help gamers to get social with their game skills. There are different games that fascinate you and with the help of twitch, you can go social with your gaming.

For this, you need to use OBS studio that is a free screen recorder. There are some tips to tell you that how to Stream on Twitch helps you to grow your audience. These tips will undoubtedly help you to know more about Twitch.

There must be many questions for them you need answers regarding streaming on Twitch TV. These questions include how to Stream Twitch on PS4 and how to Stream on Twitch by using PC.

If you also have such questions and want an understandable answer then you are undoubtedly at the right place. We assure you that after reading this article you will able to share your gaming hobbies with others.

This will be great fun for you after getting an idea of how to Stream on Twitch for your gameplay.

Twitch TV Is More than Just Video Games

When Twitch started it was the video game streaming service only. But with the passing time, it has expanded to other directions too to appeal more audience.

Now it is giving different live streams to the people and providing different nongaming options that include music, artwork creation, talk shows, and the occasional TV series.

Viewers can check out the creative categories to find something more artistic here on the Twitch. All the people having different professions that include programmers, artists, animators, cosplayers, as well as designers will able to share their views on the creative process that they are following to the World.

Where Can I Watch Twitch TV?

If you people want to watch Twitch then you can view it on their official website. All the Andriod and iOS users can also get it via various twitch apps that are available for them.

They are also available for Sony’s play station 3 and 4, Google Chromecast, and Amazon; s Fire TV. It is completely free for users to use twitch and they also don’t need to login to watch videos.

But if you will create an account this will help you to participate in the unique chatroom of the stream and you also will able to add your favorite channels to the following list. If you are interested to know how to Stream on Twitch then you can scroll down.

How Can I Find Twitch Streamers to Follow?

On the front page of the website, you will able to get the streams. You can also browse the games category to discover the twitch channel. This is the best way to find the stream related to the title of any game.

There are also other categories where you can explore that include Popular, Communities, creative, and discover. You will able to find these options on the main site in the browse section only.

If you want to follow new streamers then you can find them on different social networks sites that include Twitter and Instagram. This is the best way to find streamers through social media sites.

You can use these different keywords on Instagram that include twitch stream, streamer, and Twitch streamer.

1. Sign up with Twitch

If you are interested to get the idea that How to Stream on Twitch then the first thing you need to signup for a Twitch account. When you will head over to twitch account sign- up page then you can choose from different options.

For you, there are two options that include user name and password or you can also use a Facebook account to link up with twitch account. If you will choose username or password method then you get a link on your email.

Now you have to confirm it and then you will able to continue. Now to get familiar to it you need to spend some time on this site before getting the idea that How to Stream on Twitch.

2. Get a Stream key to stream on Twitch

Now further you need to get the key to stream on Twitch. This key is important if you really want to get the idea that how to stream on Twitch. This unique stream key will be available in your dashboard.

Now to reach to your dashboard you need to log in to your account and now on the upper right side just click the username. After this, you will be able to select the dashboard from the menu.

When you will reach to the dashboard than in setting section you need to click on the link of ‘Stream Key’. Now you will get the button ‘Show key’ and then after clicking, ‘I understand’ you can move further.

For later use, you should copy the code for reference into a local file.

How to stream on Twitch on PC?

There are some instructions that you need to follow if you want to stream twitch on your PC. To do this you have to follow some following steps.

How to stream on Twitch on PC: OBS Studio Downloading

To do this you need to download OBS studio. This program is available for users totally free. So you can install it for your windows and macOS. After installing you will be able to use it for games broadcasting. You will be able to broadcast games from different platforms.

How to stream on Twitch on PC: Stream Key Entry

Now in OBS Studio the ‘Auto-configuration wizard’ with pop up and you have to click on to it. On the lower right-hand side, there will be a ‘Setting button’ in the program window you have to click it.

It will be followed by clicking on the ‘Stream icon’ and this will be in the left- hand panel. From the stream type menu, you have to select ‘stream services’ and also from the service menu you have to select twitch.

Now you have to enter ‘stream key’ into its given field and then to proceed to click on OK.

How to stream on Twitch on PC: Game Capture mode setting up

Now to stream the game of your choice you need to launch it. and Now return to the program window of the OBS studio. At the bottom of the program window, there is a source panel there click the ‘+’ button. Now to appeared menu select ‘Game capture’.

Now select any suitable name after selecting the ‘create new’ option. and Now you have to select the option ‘Capture specific window’ from the mode menu. Now select the running game from the window menu and then click OK.

How to stream on Twitch on PC: Configure Audio

To configure the audio you need to enable the ‘desktop audio’. If you are showing something else also then with the help of the ‘corresponding speaker icon’ you can mute the sound. If you need to keep both ones then you can adjust the levels of volume accordingly to maintain the clarity.

How to stream on Twitch on PC: Streaming Process Starts

Now you are ready to start streaming on your PC. For this, you need to click on the ‘Start streaming’ button on the right side of the program window of the OBS studio. if you want to stop it then there is an option available called ‘Stop streaming’.

How to stream on Twitch on PC: Audience Interaction

From your twitch profile, people will check your stream and you also can take the information about who is keeping eye on your profile page. You can exchange the messages with others also.

How to stream on Twitch on PS4?

How to stream on Twitch on PS4: Setting up your stream

Firstly you need to login on the Twitch and after this will show you different configuration options. If PlayStation Camera is available with you then it is better to use it for recording your face. This will then appear during your live streams.

After setting it up it is very easy to stream your streams and this will be done after hitting the share button on the controller of PS4. Now choose Twitch and then you will find that Twitch chat window is live on your screen.

How to stream on Twitch on PS4: Broadcast your Gameplay

To broadcast your gameplay you need to select the "Broadcast Gameplay" option and then you have to go to the streaming option to choose Twitch.

You can give any name to the title of your broadcast and this will help you to do advertising of your link on different social media sites. If you will connect your social media account to your PS4 then you will get the options to stream different links on Twitter as well as Facebook.

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