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Which type of air cooler is best for home use?

Author: Ram Coolers
by Ram Coolers
Posted: Mar 28, 2019

Places which faces dry summers for them air coolers are one of the best cooling solutions. These air coolers are economical to use and are environmentally friendly which is the main reason behind their popularity.

However, choosing the right air cooler for your home can be a little confusing owing to the plenty of options that are available in the market along with many other additional features that are left to your consideration. In this article, we will discuss all the important features you should consider before buying an air cooler.

How do air coolers work?

An air cooler operates on a mechanism that has evolved from the primitive technique of evaporative cooling. The process is very simple and is not less effective than that done by modern refrigerated air-conditioning technologies. The cooling effect of the is made by making use of the simple air moving system that pulls fresh air from outside and runs it through the wet cooling pads installed inside the coolers. Due to the evaporation of water in these cooling pads, the temperature of the air is brought down, this cool air is then blown out by the fan.

What are the different types of air coolers?

Air coolers for homes can be categorized into two types which are popular off all. They are

  • Desert air coolers - Desert air coolers are generally used in regions which have a very dry climate. They are usually larger in size than the personal air coolers and are designed especially for cooling large rooms. They are also accompanied by large water tanks and have huge fans that can supply cool air to every corner of the room. Desert air coolers are also preferable by those who want to use them outdoor purpose, for example, the terrace or backyard.

  • Personal air coolers - Personal air coolers, on the other hand, is preferable for those places that have a humid weather condition. This category of air coolers is exactly meant to be used in small rooms or fixed indoor areas of a house. They are also reputed as energy efficient and do not make a noise like the desert air coolers do. They also have smaller water tanks but they have the capability of cooling for hours.

What are the key features to consider in modern-day air coolers?

Once you have decided which type of air coolers you want to buy depending upon your needs, the following are the features you should look for while buying:-

    • Water tank capacity
    • Airflow
    • Cooling Pads
    • Space-saving Design
    • Air coolers that work on inverters
    • Remote control function

So before you go out looking for models, be very clear about the type of air cooler you want, evaluating your cooling needs and the climatic conditions of your area. You should also select the right capacity of the water tank that offers maximum cooling without consuming much space. However, some additional features like remote control and inverter friendly can cost on your pocket but it will be worthwhile spending the money.

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