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Difference between Landing page and Webpage

Author: AK Digihub
by AK Digihub
Posted: Mar 30, 2019
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Difference between Landing Page and Webpage

In the previous post, I have already discussed Understanding landing page and thank you page. Now I would explain you Difference Between Landing Page and Website and types of the landing page.

A website is a central location of a various web page. Where anyone can access by visiting the homepage of the website by using a browser.

A website is a collection of web pages includes a multimedia system and content known with name and printed with on a minimum of one internet server.

Example is Kapsystem

Let me tell you that, the website in an easy word website is like a bungalow and each room is like a web page with information that contains all information related product, service, price, features of the product.

If you provide any online product or service on the National and International market. Then you should have a website with detail about your product and service. If customers are interested then the customer can search in google and can see your product then they can buy your product online or off-line.

Nowadays, the business world has become very transparent at online platform along with competition for any particular niche. So web or website should be very neat and clean regarding their offering or product or service with all related detail.

Then you have to get web hosting from hosting provider followed by you to have to host your website with hosting provider then you have to make live your website on the web.

Once your website is live on the web. Anyone can search your domain name and come to your website directly. They can see the product which you offer. He or she can buy the product from your website.

Check out the full article about What is the website.

Landing Page:

The landing page is a part of a web page. Where visitors can visit the page to fill their personal details like Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, and requirement or only Email-Id to enquire or to subscribe. The website to get particular information, offers and a new update from the website.

Landing pageWebsite page1Landing page mainly fulfills the informational needs and give response.Homepage mainly inspires the visitors to go to another page which can satisfy their informational need.2The landing page is used to visit by the visitors to subscribe to the serviceWebsite page is used to visit by the visitors to see the detail of the product and service.3The landing page is having a specific message for visitors, its main purpose is to convert, generate a lead, Increasing sigh-up, Initiating online chat with the potential customer.The homepage has a lot of information, sources and lots of link with the purpose to show or provide plenty of information and resource to the potential customer.4The landing page is having only one goal to convert traffic.The website has to wear a lot of hats.5The landing page can not redirect the customer to their social media page or another blog.The website can redirect their customer to the social media page and any other page.6We can not get direct organic traffic via a landing page.The website can get direct organic traffic through a search engine.7The landing page is an action-oriented page.The website is not action oriented page.

Type of landing page

Landing pages are the perfect tools for getting traffic to focus on one action and also to get subscriber and lead from the market on the website.

These landing pages directly talk to many kinds of the customer on a website whether they are coming from Social Media, Search Engine, A Direct Page.

A Blog Post or something else and provides the information from a website which keeps them engage with your website and business.

There are 7 types of landing pages are there:

1. Email List Opt-in Landing Page:

Email Opt-in is the most effective landing page on home page, on your sidebar, on your blog page and anywhere from a customer can redirect.

Creating these kinds of landing page give space to a customer to express their requirement in detail about product and service. And the company can also reply on mail based on their specific requirement.

By creating these kinds of a landing page, we can also tell the customer why they will get a benefit to provide their contact information.

2. Content Guide Landing Page:

Inbound marketing and any pretty much Online Marketing is all about the content and blog.

If you create your free Content, Blog, product info for your audience. Then you have a very good opportunity to get more value from that content or blog by organizing its own landing page.

A blog is great featuring of your new update about product and service to the customers, sometimes. It becomes a search feature so the reader can look topic of interest.

Content guide landing is a great landing page and you can give your visitors specific information about any particular topic.

3. Start Here Landing Page:

Start here landing page is a great landing page where visitors can see them or select the particular information and blog where they want to go.

They will the option on the website after subscribing the page to choose the product or information where they want to and what they like to read.

4. Coming from (Social Media) Landing Page:

Social Media Landing Page is a very effective way to attract the customer.

When we see anything interesting on Twitter and Facebook then we directly click. We move in homepage and homepage is the best place to increase the traffic on a website.

We have made the home page very nice with all the information for the customer. So that they can attract and can have look at product and service which company offer.

5. Guest Post Landing Page:

Guest post-landing is very effective landing page to increase the traffic on the website. As we are sharing our blog to other website related to the industry.

So the visitors can have many options among multiple blogs related to one particular topic.

In this case, we have to write the best information about any particular topic to attract the customer. When the information is very effective then they may write a good comment on your blog or website to increase the traffic. They may buy your product as well.

A guest post landing page is having mutually beneficial for both the parties as one provides free content to the website.

provide visitors with multiple options to the customer and also increase the Google Search Engine result for the future.

6. Thank You, Landing Page:

One of the greatest and wasted opportunity on your website is Thank you Page.

Thank You page is the page where people are redirected to after they opt-in to your email list to sign-up your event or to purchase the product.

Thank you page carry, "Thank You message to after subscribing the service to visitors" to make them feel personal.

So that at least they can remember the website name whether they are taking service immediate or later.

A thank you for landing page follow purchase might include an offer for another product at a special discount or it may give social share call to action after someone signs up for your free website.

7. Unsubscribe Landing Page:

Unsubscribe landing page is a great way to maintain goodwill and good image in the mind of visitors. Suppose one year back customer has subscribed your service.

Today they don’t want to receive promotional mail from your company or website, then they should have the "Unsubscribe" option to unsubscribe the service.

When someone unsubscribes the service from the list then it little hearts, but its good to have future growth. Because they may think that a particular website is ethical and they follow the rules as they are not sending any kind of promotional mail after unsubscribing the service and again they can subscribe the service to purchase the product.


I would like to conclude that Landing Page V/S Website is the website is a home page with all the information related to product and service. Where visitors can come and see the product and information to buy the product. Landing page a page to subscribe to the service or to get promotional and offer information on their email box. As per the availability of the product and offer running on a website.

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