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Landing page best practices and tips for optimization

Author: AK Digihub
by AK Digihub
Posted: Apr 01, 2019
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Landing page best Practices

We had already discussed landing page Vs webpage and types of a landing page. I hope you know about the landing page but you may be thinking about how to design the landing page best practices.

In this post, I would like to explain for the landing page best practices.

When it comes to the landing page, the design is everything. Your design will make easy to understand the people for your product or services. When visitors are coming to your landing page it should be clear to them what you are selling or offering.

Most of the people are thinking to create landing page easy and realty is poorly designed landing page will kill the conversion rate. The landing page best practices should be designed in such a way that the user should attract what you are offering them. The landing page should be having text, images, and videos to explain your offer.

Before that, your goal is very important. When you are creating the landing page the goal is to provide potential leads with easy path conversion. So set your goal as per your requirement and set the plan then take the action on goal.

Now come to landing page optimization tips.

Landing page optimization is the process to improve each element on the landing page to increase the conversion rate.

What are the factors of landing page optimization will improve the conversion rate

Focused headline:

A header is the first line of your landing page. When you are designing the landing page header should be attractive and clear to them what is all about this. When you are using the colour to header it should highlight the most important space with contrasting colours.

Image or video:

You know a good quality image or video can show the benefits of your offering. It should represent the target audience and the image should attract the visitors to your landing page. If you are adding the video to your landing page is very good. The video will help to understand the visitors to your product or services.

Call-to-action (CTA):

Visitors should focus on your Call to Action (CTA) button. In landing page Call to Action button is one of the elements gives conversion. You should use the color that contacts with other elements on the landing page. You should clear about what you want from visitors. Make a Call-to-action button too big enough to stand out on the landing page best practices and this button could convert visitors to leads of your business.

Call-To-Action (CTA) button should like this for landing page best practices.

  • Download
  • Get it Now
  • Learn More
  • Click
  • Buy Now
  • Apply Now
Relevant offer:

When you are designing the landing page for best practices you have to think about user perspective experience. You are offering your product or services to visitors taking personal information from visitors. Your offers should be relevant to your product or service.

Only ask what you need:

When you are creating sign-up page keep your main objective in mind. Taking the potential leads to information that’s necessary to achieve those objectives. You should ask the visitors to only required information that should be two or three filed. Only ask their name, email Id and contact number to nurture a new lead.

Remove all navigation:

You know the main goal of a landing page best practices is converting visitors into leads. Don’t add any other links of your website it will distract your goal. Your goal should be visitor attention on Call-to-Action.

Page responsive:

When visitors are visiting your landing page that page should be user responsive. You know visitors are visiting your landing page by different devices and different operating system. To make sure that landing page should be responsive.

Social proof:

Use social media proof on the landing page for best practices and it is important to show social proof to customer get to trust you. Before purchasing any product on the online customer are checking the review on your product or service.

Word of mouth is very powerful because People make a decision based on what other people will say about your product or service.

Displaying social engagement numbers like subscriber, social shares, followers, testimonial, ratings, and review on your product or service and it is easy to take the decision to the customer on your product or service.

Optimize for search:

You are driving the traffic to your landing page via organic (social media, email, and other marketing tools) and paid campaign. Landing page best practices should be optimized with target keywords for your paid campaign and organic search.

When someone searches for your keyword they should land your landing page. The landing page should be having relevant keyword what people are searching in a search engine. Those keywords use in a header of a landing page and body text, image alt text.

Finding keywords you can use Ubersuggest tool to find the best keywords for your landing page.

Thank you page:

Landing page best practice is after visitors submit the personal information to your landing page. You should send thank you mail to them or redirect to thank you page or thank you SMS. It gives confirmation to visitors and feels good about your product or service.

Do A/B Testing for landing page optimization:

When you are creating the landing page you won’t think to create a perfect landing page from starting itself.

After creating the landing page push live and understand the user experience and conversion rate. Then try to change each element of the landing page to user-friendly.

I Hope you have understood Landing Page Best practices. If you would find this article useful comments on below comment section to share with friends and social network.

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