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Advantages Of Online Tutoring

Author: Evelyn Dorothy
by Evelyn Dorothy
Posted: Jun 11, 2014


Ever since its inception, the concept of providing education using the online channel has taken the academic world by storm. It has given both students and tutors the convenience to interact with each other from the comfort of their homes.


One of the most important benefits of online tutoring for students is the accessibility of the tutor. Most online tutors are able to provide support to their students as and when it may be required. There may be a situation where a student may be struggling to understand something while studying at home. In case the student is being taught by a regular tutor, he or she will have to wait until the next class in order to clarify any doubts. However, if it is an online tutor the student can log in to the website and get an answer to his or her questions as and when they arise. Easy accessibility also allows the students and tutors to fix up flexible schedules for the tutoring classes.

Option to choose the best tutor

Online tutors are generally registered with different online tutoring websites that provide their complete details including name, educational qualification, experience and specialization. Students and their parents can visit these websites and pick out a suitable tutor out of the ones that are available in the list provided by the websites. These websites also allow the tutors to be rated and parents can choose tutors who are highly recommended by other parents. A comparison can be done using the details of several tutors in order to choose the most appropriate option.


There are a number of ways in which tutoring can be highly affordable compared to traditional tutoring. First of all, parents hardly have to spend any money on transportation as the tutoring classes take place at home itself. There is not much infrastructure required by the tutors while delivering online tutoring; all they require is a good computer with a fast, reliable internet connection. It is precisely because of this reason that most online tutors charge lesser fees compared to regular tutors. Reduced fee adds up to the affordability factor of online tutoring. Another aspect of tutoring in terms of affordability is that parents do not need to spend much on stationery as almost all of the work is carried out on the computer.


With the increasing advancements in computer and internet technology, students and parents are starting to become more and more inclined towards adopting the facility of online tutoring for getting additional help with studies.

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Author: Evelyn Dorothy

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