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The Importance of Having Live Plants in a Room

Author: Xclusive Interior
by Xclusive Interior
Posted: Apr 06, 2019
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One doesn’t need to be a specialist to understand the fact that having indoor plants not only looks pleasing to the eyes but has several health benefits as well. The technical term coined by interior designer in Baner for having interior plants is interior landscaping. In their words, interior landscaping is more than meets the eye.

As per the feedback gathered by an interior designer in Koregaon Park from their clients, they concluded that their patrons reported of fewer incidents of panic attacks, less stress among their employees and fewer cases of work time fatigue.

If the information provided doesn’t feel convincing enough, it is best to read the following sections thoroughly for best results.

Plants help keep stress at bay and assists in maintaining psychological wellbeing

One might have always noticed that whenever they venture out of the urban jungle and into the nature, they readily feel at peace with their minds calm and tension free. The reason is deep-seated into human history. Back in the day, people lived in caves which meant that they were surrounded by all things green.

As days went by, development took place and the human society lost most, if not all of its green, natural surroundings. Whenever the eyes of modern humans roll over the soothing green texture of plants and trees, the age-old instincts kick in resulting in a calm mind. Interior landscaping works around this particular area where the strategic placement of interior plants helps people to feel less stressed and relaxed.

Indoor air quality is maintained with indoor plants

The situation is bad enough when one ventures outside. Excessive use of fossil fuels backed with incessant emission of harmful substances from landfill fires and factory emissions has made the Earth’s atmosphere unhealthy, to say the least. What about indoor air? Is the air one breathe while in their home or office healthy? What can one do to improve the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) of their residence or place of business?

Simple – place a lot of indoor plants within the premises. Plants filter out suspended particulate matter, keep moisture in check and gives out oxygen.

Poor air quality leads to mental fatigue, low productivity and a stressed mind. One can keep all of these in check if they team up with their interior designer in Koregaon Park and do interior landscaping in their premises.

Interior landscaping is great at keeping outside ambient noise at bay

Time and again, several independent and sponsored studies have concluded that interior plants are great at keeping outside noise at bay. If one operates a recording studio and wants to fully make their establishment soundproof, apart from investing in soundproofing fixtures, one can also invest in interior landscaping for amplified results.

In case one is planning to make their home or their workplace filled with serenity, it is best that they get in touch with Xclusive Interiors and architecture. They are one of the best interior designer in Pune. So whatever queries one may have about the type of indoor plants they should have inside a room or office, they can get them cleared out.

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