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7 Tried and Tested Tips to Speed Up Root Canal Treatment Recovery

Author: Margaret Elliott
by Margaret Elliott
Posted: Apr 16, 2019

Have you undergone root canal treatment before? If you already have then there’s no sweat. You know what it is about and that there’s nothing scary in the procedure. But people, who’re yet to undergo a RCT for the first time may not be so easily assured.

The procedure itself is almost painless. Moreover, a renowned dentist in Croydon says, taking good care of yourself for about a week or two after the treatment increases its chances of success. It is relevant to mention here that Dr. Mori Shahid, a renowned Dentist in Croydon at Smile 4 U dental Practice possesses a high success rate in handling root canal cases. In the following paragraphs, she suggests you how to take a better care of yourself to ensure your root canal treatment is successful.

Tips to ensure your successful root canal treatment

  • Don’t eat or drink anything right away: It is important that your RCT is successful because only a successful root canal treatment means the affected tooth is recovered and you don’t suffer from tooth loss. As the first step to ensure treatment success, don’t eat or drink anything right after the treatment. The treated area remains sensitive. Therefore, it’s best to leave it untouched for a couple of hours or so. Ideally, you should not even drink a single sip of water till the numbness in the mouth resulting from local anesthesia has completely worn off.
  • Sleep with your head slightly elevated: Place a couple of soft pillows under your head for a few days while sleeping. This will keep your head a little elevated and facilitate healing of the treatment area faster.
  • Don’t forget the painkillers: Modern dentistry has almost done away with pain and suffering resulting from treatment procedures. Root canal or RCT is no exception. However, some patients are very sensitive and they might feel a little pain in the treated area once the anesthesia wears off. If your dentist didn’t prescribe you any painkiller and if you feel you need one, go for anti inflammatory painkillers like ibuprofen that are available over the counter. This will cut down your inconvenience and help you relax.
  • Rinse the mouth with lukewarm salt water: There is always a chance of an infection spreading across the gums after root canal. This condition has to be avoided. Rinse the mouth well with a homemade solution of lukewarm water with table salt thrice a day. Continue this for about a week post-treatment. Salt water minimises the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth and helps healing up of the treated area faster. As a result, the chances of gum infection gets drastically reduced.
  • Ice cream and cold compress are helpful: Once the numbness resulting from the local anesthesia wears off, have an ice cream. It reduces the chances of inflammation and facilitates faster recovery. In case you’re not fond of ice cream, go for a cold compress. Apply it thrice a day for 10 to 15 minutes each time.
  • Avoid anything that may cause inflammation: You should avoid anything that may cause an inflammation right after root canal. These things include smoking, alcohol, hard foods and hot beverages. These items can hamper your recovery process leading to swelling and pain in the treated area.
  • No gyms or physically strenous activity for 2 to 3 days: 48 hours following root canal treatment, you should avoid workouts and strenous physical activities.

Follow these tips to faster your recovery process after the treatment. Popularity of root canal treatment in Croydon is very high. A large number of people in the area have already undergone the treatment. On the whole it is a safe, painless and effective procedure to save diseased tooth. In case there’s any complication or uneasiness, feel free to contact your dentist immediately.

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