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Improve Airflow in Your Electronic Device with Wire Harnesses

Author: James F Brown
by James F Brown
Posted: Jun 12, 2014

Improve Airflow in Your Electronic Device with Wire Harnesses: Airflow is important for heated electronics

Aside from water, heat is one of the most damaging elements to any electronic device. Whether it’s a computer system or a DVD player, excessive heat can cause components to break down. It is this element that encourages developers to install cooling mechanics and ventilation methods in order to reduce the overall temperature within the chassis of a device. Within these developments, proper air flow is important in order to keep the unit cool. The right wiring harness within your project can help improve the heat dissipation functionality of the device.

Cubic Feet Per Minute

In many electronics that generate a great deal of heat, fans are installed in order to eliminate this damaging element. This is greatly apparent in computer technology like desktops and servers. In some computer cases, there could be more than four fans spinning at any given time in order to move the most cubic feet of air in as little time as possible. Obstructions within the chassis of a project can reduce the efficiency of these fans, making it difficult to properly exhaust the heated air. Wiring harnesses can improve this airflow by keeping the wires in a more dense collection, reducing the overall number of obstructions.

No Fans for Circulation

What if your project doesn’t use fans for heat dissipation? Keeping the wires contained within a harness can improve the longevity of these devices as well. Heat radiates from electronics due to the power running through the printed circuit board and attached wires. When this heat radiates, it can fill the chassis, putting pressure on the overall functionality of the electronics in the device. Wires that are strewn about within the unit can act as barriers to keep that heat focused near the PCB.

As heat rises from the electronics, a web of wires could be reducing the airflow of the unit. Ventilation slats within the top of a device can help, but the wires could still be providing a barrier against proper heat dissipation. The longer any electronic device is subject to high temperatures, the shorter its lifespan becomes.

The Problems With Dust

Dust is another aspect of the environment that can cause a great amount of damage to electronics. The PCB isn’t allergic to dust, but instead acts like insulation. A dust-covered component could essentially cook itself until it breaks down. Proper airflow within a unit can help reduce the onset of dust on sensitive components within your project. For instance, the inside of a computer chassis could accumulate far more dust if the fans are not able to circulate the air properly. Harnesses can help improve that airflow and reduce the settling of dust and other particulates.

Regularly using a simple can of air to clean devices helps prolong the lifespan of many electronics. However, improving the overall airflow from within a device can eliminate a great deal of heat from which components are stressed.

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