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5 Reasons Why Tag Heuer Watches Are The Best

Author: Deepika Mahajan
by Deepika Mahajan
Posted: Apr 12, 2019
tag heuer

The brand that we know today as Tag Heuer has gone through a multitude of changes involving innumerable aberrations. But if there one thing the superlative Swiss watchmaker has proven, it is that it can take on challenges. Over the course of its 150 years existence, Tag Heuer watches have successfully distinguished themselves from the competition as Haut de gamme devices. This is further proven by the numerous patents and innovations under the brand's belt. Today, Tag Heuer watches symbolize much more than just an instrument. Instead, they stand for a lifestyle embraced in luxury and class. With ambassadors like football wizard Cristiano Ronaldo, NFL legend Tom Brady, and Chris Hemsworth, son of Odin himself, the brand has also managed to ace their marketing and brand positioning worldwide.

The company was set up in 1860 by Eduoard Heuer as the Heuer Watch Company. The first workshop was inaugurated in St. Imier in Switzerland. In no time Eduoard Heuer's company gained a reputation for quality and precision instruments. This was just the beginning of the dawn of innovations that lied ahead of the newborn company that helped Heuer reach the position it is at today.

Re-inventing the Chronograph

Tag Heuer, originally known as the Heuer Watch Company and then the Swiss Heuer, invented the modern chronograph technology. In 1887, a time when marketing was not as much as a titanic concern as it is today, Tag Heuer watches came up with the 'oscillating pinion'. The invention not only put the company on the map but also revolutionized chronographs forever. The best way to explain what the oscillating pinion did is that it separated the chronograph or stopwatch function from the regular timekeeping apparatus. The invention was a milestone not only for Tag Heuer watches for women and men but for the entire watchmaking industry.

The Arrival Of The Mikrograph

The Mikrograph was a game changer, to say the least. The 1916 invention from Tag Heuer was the first of its kind that could measure up to 1/100th of a second. This earned the watchmaker great praise from the watchmaking community. Another interesting fact about the device was that it operated at a 360,000 vph escapement. As compared to the regular 36,000 vph chronographs, this was as good as light speed. Needless to say, the International Olympics Association took no time in announcing Tag Heuer as the official timekeeper of the prestigious sports event held in 1920.

First Swiss Made Timepiece in Space

Omega might be popular as the Moonwatch but it was Tag Heuer that holds the honour of being the first Swiss mechanical watch in space. Astronaut John Glenn was the man that completed the task by wearing a Tag Heuer ref. 2915A stopwatch on his wrists during the Mercury Friendship 7 mission. His shuttle made three complete revolutions of our planet in just 6 hours.

The Tag Heuer Carrera

The Carrera collection is the poster boy for Tag Heuer watches for men. Over the years, the watch has gathered a cult status. But do you know why? When Jack Heuer took over the company, he decided to make a watch for race car drivers. Just as a race car watch should be, the watch showcased impressive legibility and sturdiness. The timepiece was named after the once popular and high-risk street race that used to take place in Mexico. Today, the Carrera collection is the crown jewel of the Swiss watchmaker followed by the Monaco collection.

The Tag Heuer Monaco

The Tag Heuer Monaco makes the list of exceptional things achieved by the watchmaker because that is exactly what it is, exceptional. The fame attached to the watch can also be credited to Jack Heuer. Monaco became an instant hit when it was worn by Steve McQueen in the movie 'Le Mans' in 1971. However, its recent popularity is the courtesy of the Monaco V4 that came to light in 2004 under the vision of Jack Heuer and Jean Christophe Babin. The timepiece was symbolism for Tag Heuer's willingness to break boundaries and reach for the unthinkable. The watch operated on a belt system rather than the traditional wheels with teeth to track time.

Tag Heuer watches for men as well as women have made their place in the heart of enthusiasts with out of the box watches and of course, top-notch marketing. With a history of pronounced accomplishments and a present full of cutting edge innovations, Tag Heuer watches deserve their position among the Swiss watchmaking greats.

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