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Pet Boarding Stay Preparation: Things to Pack in Your Pet’s Boarding Bag

Author: James Burch
by James Burch
Posted: Apr 12, 2019

If you have a choice to make boarding less stressful for your dog, would you do it? Here, we have pulled together a few important items you are required to bring at the time when you are dropping off your pets in a Caloundra Pet Resort.

Keep on reading the article to understand what important things you should consider while dropping off your pets at the boarding house the next time.

From an absolute necessity to just helpful suggestions, these are the items that provide utmost comfort to your pets.

Documentation Regarding Your Pet Vaccines: Generally, all pet boarding requires vaccination documentation. The main reason behind vaccinating your pet before sending them to the kennel is for the health and safety of everyone involved. Also, vaccination will safeguard your pet from getting sick, when they get in contact with other animals.

Therefore, if it’s your first time sending your pet to a boarding facility, don’t forget to bring your pet latest vaccination documentation with you. Apart from that, booster shots are too important for the pets, so make sure your pet is up-to-date on their booster shots as well.

Keep Medicines and Supplements: There are some pets that take certain medication or supplements on a daily basis. Just let the boarding instructor know when and how much of it needs to be taken by your pet. The appropriate amount of dosage details and time should be provided in a written form to avoid any future misunderstanding.

Bring Special Food: Introducing new food brands can cause a negative change in your pet’s appetite or can upset their stomach. It’s better to bring your pet special food they are habitual of eating. Though they will already feel uneasy in their new surrounding without you, serving them the food that doesn’t suit them can make the situation even worse for your pet. Make sure to bring more food than necessary that will last the entire duration of your pet’s stay.

Pack Favourite Toys: Though boarding kennels are equipped with all sorts of toys for your pet to play with. Still the warmth of their favourite toy cannot be replaced by any of the toys available at the boarding. So, to make sure your pet enjoys their stay to the fullest, pack 1-2 of their favourite toys.

Additional Tip: If you don’t want your pet toys to get lost with other animal’s toys, label it with your dog and your name’s initials.

Miscellaneous Items: Being your dog’s owner, it is obvious for you to understand them better than anyone else. Do they need their own bed sheets while sleeping? Does your dog fuss about the tools used in their grooming? Do they wag their tail on specific things? Things like these should already be considered in advance and complete information of required tools and requirements should be shared with the instructor. In addition to all these, make sure your pet has both a collar and a leash combo.

Emergency Numbers: There are times, when owners just provide their own cell number only, and when an instructor contacts them in an emergency, the provided number is not reachable. That’s why it’s better to share at least 2-3 family members’ phone numbers in case of emergency.

Contact the Best Boarding for Your Dog’s Comfort

Therefore, if you are heading out of town for some time, make sure to leave your dog at the best pet resort in Caloundra which not only takes good care of your pet, but also offers additional services in case of emergency.

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