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Why a Local Business needs strong Online Presence?

Author: Harry Miller
by Harry Miller
Posted: Apr 15, 2019
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The advent of the Internet has changed everything for business. Internet-connected devices are now in everyone’s hands. This has revolutionized how customers interact with a business. The Internet has even made it possible for us to do CFD stock trading online. It’s easier than ever to market your business by creating a website and connecting with your customers.

Even though having an online presence is critical in today’s time, almost 46 percent of small business owners still don’t have it. They think that building a website will not pay off. If that’s what you think, too, it’s time to reconsider! Investing in a new website is worth every penny. These reasons below explain why:

#1: Consumers Today Expect a Business to Be Online

Act like a consumer for a second. What is your knee jerk reaction when you learn a new product is launched in the market? You grab your smartphone and Google it, right? Those days are gone when people used to look up for a product in yellow pages or visit the store to check how it is. They prefer to learn more about it online.

Why not give these consumers the opportunity to check your products online? If your local business isn’t even online, you are missing out on a lot of potential consumers.

#2: Build Brand Awareness

Want people to trust in your company or product? What can be better than having an online presence? This allows them to interact with you, check your reviews and eventually fall in love with your product or service.

You can share detailed information about your brand on your website. Consumers trust companies that offer valuable information. Once they start trusting you, they will start buying from you, too.

#3: Reach Larger Audiences

The Internet can give you a chance to become global. A newspaper ad will just get you in your local town or maybe the country. However, a website can put you out there globally. The internet has no limits. You can make your audience as large as you want. You can even move from local to global. You will have to work on a robust Search Engine Optimization strategy though but it will be worth it.

#4: Build a Relationship with Customers

Having an online presence does not just mean creating a website. You need to make sure your business is present on social media platforms as well. This gives a voice to your brand. It is also an opportunity to nurture the relationship with your existing and potential customers.

In fact, social media platforms allow your customers to interact with your brand on a personal level. Once they leave online reviews and share pictures of your products or service, this creates a positive business image.

#5: Around The Clock Access

The best thing about creating an online presence is that you are putting your business out there for 24 hours. You are always open. Customers can place orders on your website anytime they want. You do not even have to be there.

#6: It’s an Effortless Way of Marketing

Once you have an online presence, selling products and services becomes easier than ever. Although there is tough competition and you have to make customers notice your product, marketing is still cheaper. There is no sales associate hovering over your visitors. They can browse the entire product catalog online and decide what and when they want to buy.

You do not even have to post flyers and coupons. Social media platforms offer you the opportunity to advertise your products at a cheap cost. In addition, you can target the audience that is exactly interested in buying your product or service. You can use the search engine in your favor, improve your ranking and reach out to more and more people.

#8: Showcase Your Expertise

Having an online presence is also a way of showing your expertise. If you have been in the business for a while, having a website will give you a competitive edge. You can post about your valued customers. This could eventually invite more customers. In fact, you will receive more acceptance as you enter new markets. When people know you have been in the business for years, they will more confident in you.

Maintaining An Online Presence Is Not Enough!

Just creating and maintaining an online presence for your business is not enough. You need to measure the return on investment as well. There are some common signs:

  • Whenever a new customer finds your business via Google places
  • Whenever they engage on your Facebook page
  • Whenever a user subscribes to your email list
  • Whenever they use social media platforms to land on your website

These are all indications that you are doing something right. The results of creating an online presence are hence measurable.

Final Words

Building a website and then creating social media presence is no magic. You need to work on it constantly. After setting up a presence, you need to add products and keep on updating your website to attract customers. It’s high time you work on your online presence even if you are just a local business with limited customers. No wonder even individuals such as a trader online have started creating their online portfolio.

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Author: Harry Miller

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