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What is Local SEO?

Author: Nazmul Deder
by Nazmul Deder
Posted: Nov 04, 2019

Local SEO is the essential need of every brand and business that are looking for long-term success across the search engines. Local SEO focuses on providing those results that are more relevant to the search, based on the location of the search.

For example, if you search for the best steak restaurants on Google then those searches would be displayed on the screen that is nearest to you. There is no doubt about the fact local SEO helps to provide only the relevant data to the user. Interestingly about 78 percent of local businesses believe that customers find them through the search engines, so this magnifies the significance of local SEO.

However, SEO is still an evolving practice, but there are certain key differences between local SEO and organic SEO that you need to know.

Organic SEO does not have a geographical component that is prevalent in local SEO. Local SEO is based on the practice of building signals around a specific location. On the contrary, Organic SEO is more of an SEO marketing practice that revolves around a website.

The organic SEO search engines are searching for trusted and relevant content. The local SEO are more on the lookout for trusted and relevant locations.

The prime objective of Organic SEO is to simply rank high. Organic SEO also involves various techniques for link building. Organic SEO does not require any need for the creation of citations. The case is completely opposite to local SEO. Citations can do wonders for small business setups and thus local SEO does focus on creating citations. For example, if you searched Plumber UK on Google. You would get a wide range of results. You will also notice the group listing of the local plumbing companies. You would also be able to see the corresponding addresses of the companies on Google Maps. This makes the local SEO quite powerful and it definitely contributes to the ease of the customers who are in search of the service

If you need to benefit from local SEO then you need an adequate SEO guide that will help to flourish your local business. When you want your business to rank higher on Google then the first step is that you need to understand how the local SEO system actually works. This would definitely make the job easier for you. The following are the key aspects that a local business needs to know about online presence.

When you optimize certain parts of your website you increase the chances of your prospect to find your business in the local search.

Now the search engines basically rely on citations, links, social profile pages, and local content. These are known as signals. You would need to invest time and effort in boosting the local search signals. This is one of the key SEO tips that can greatly help you.

Local SEO also needs to be less expensive because now you would just be competing with the local businesses and there are great chances for you to take over the search results. Local businesses should target geographical and long-tail keywords because this drastically reduces the competition as well.

Why is local SEO becoming more important?

Local customers are using the internet to find local business

Local search is becoming more popular with the passing years.

Local search is highly targeted and timely

It gives better results than the traditional advertising options

Mobile usage is highly prevalent. Local SEO covers both laptops as well as mobile telephony

The greatest return on investment. No wasted exposure

If you claim your Google local listing, you will be way ahead of the competition

Local SEO is still free. Readership of Newspapers has declined by a huge percentage – 40% to 80%

Customer reviews which are very popular are a big part of local SEO.

Why does your local business need local SEO?

We have already discussed local SEO optimization in the previous section. Now we would just magnify the local business needs for local SEO so that you are convinced about the significance of the local SEO.

When you want to get more customers then you have to understand the needs of your customers as well. Most internet users are looking for local websites. Gradually people are becoming more technically aware and they have more refined searches that address their needs. Once you have a well-developed SEO optimization strategy that focuses on the needs of the local searchers then this would eventually drive more visitors to your website.

This will help you establish a strong online presence. You would need to understand the needs of these users and you need to find out how these local users would try to find you. This way you can structure your strategy accordingly. These visitors can definitely create those much-needed business leads that you have been looking for.

Local SEO focuses on basic business tractability criteria that can help to boost your business. For example, most of you are already aware of the term (NAP) that stands for the name, address, and phone of your business.

These are also important credentials through which a customer reaches you. Local search engines check the existence of business through the accuracy of the (NAP). You need to avoid the inconsistency in local listings because it can have an adverse effect on the local SEO. One more important aspect is the Google places for business. It is a simple local Google page, but it can have a vital impact on your business.

This page simply places your business on the Google map. When your customers would use GPS devices then this address would easily be retrievable, so this makes your business more accessible to your customer. However, you have to make sure that this page is updated. When you want your business to make more ripple lines then you need to have Google local places as well.

It adds the much need social features to your physical location. This way your business has greater chances to show in the results. The point that is being magnified here is that Local SEO has various perspectives that all eventually benefit a business.

You would be surprised to know that a local business can even thrive on the local SEO without even having a website. Local SEO should help you to do without a conventional website and the customers can be directed to local listings and place pages. This highlights yet another incentive for Local SEO for your business.

Is your local business site SEO friendly

All businesses ensure to use ethical SEO friendly techniques for ranking high in the search engine optimization results. The prime objective is to get most customers at the end of the day. This requires that you also review your local business site with a bird’s eye view to ensure that it lives up to the requirements of local SEO. There is no doubt the fact that the first 4 or 5 results that appear on the Google search page are more appreciated by the user.

They believe in the credibility of these results so you have to ensure that your website fits the real definition of being SEO friendly. When a customer sees your website on the first page then that creates brand awareness. Secondly, the general Web design also makes a difference to your business. When you want things to work out in an ideal situation then you have to pay attention to all the essential factors.

Your efforts should not end here along with the web design and precise local SEO you need Social media presence as well for the customers to recognize your presence online. Precise SEO techniques and correct keyword usage can help to promote a robust interaction with your targeted clientele that can help to take your business to another level.

Social media does your local business need it?

Social media has now become a critical factor for local SEO. Let us look at some factors that have made local social media an essential part of local SEO strategy.

Businesses need quality business listings and there is no better source of high-quality directories than social networks. The reason is that social networks have domain authority and high-quality traffic. However, the businesses need to list down consistent information to make use of the local social pages. This helps Google to get a more consistent business profile and eventually Google trusts this information. The ultimate result is that your business would rank higher in the local search and map results.

Social media activities have a major impact on your business local search listing. Well, Google+ does take your social signals into consideration and activities on Google+ business page are also factored into Google’s local search results.

Quantity and quality of the backlinks is a huge factor that has a vital effect on the search engine results. Your social channels can prove to be a vital part of the content distribution strategy for your business. This way you can gain quite powerful links.

Social sharing also helps to create relevant awareness about your brand. For example, a major publication or content creator comes across your post. After viewing your post they can decide whether it is worth citing and if they eventually link back to your site your ranking would eventually increase.

The social media channels drive a lot of traffic to your business website. This also plays a role in achieving a better searching engine ranking.

The above-mentioned points are quite convincing that social media is the driving force behind your business as well. There is no doubt about the fact that social media is the quickest way to know about a business.

However, one thing that you need to remember is that you have to devise a strategy to benefit from your social media. When you are active on social media this also ensures the customers that you want to keep yourself updated with the current happenings, and want to collaborate and interact with your customers in a better way.

How do you improve your company’s local SEO?

  1. When creating your local page, pay special attention to how you categorize them in many subcategories provided.
  2. Make sure your NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) is consistent across the web, in your local pages, directory listings
  3. Use good quality directories. Use category and location searches to find out if there is an opportunity to be listed somewhere.
  4. Work to get more reviews about your site. Reviews are showcased on SERP search Engine Result page
  5. Add lots of images to your local listing to make it look interesting. Make sure the keyword appears often.
  6. Try to earn inbound links from bloggers, newspapers and social sharing, content development, etc.
  7. Hire a reputable local SEO company if you don’t have enough time because this is an ongoing process with the search engine changes happening all the time
  8. To know more visit-
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