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Know How A Salesforce CRM Call Center Can Be Setup And Call Center Users Can Be Managed?

Author: William Hills
by William Hills
Posted: Apr 18, 2019

The third party CTI systems can be integrated seamlessly with Salesforce with the help of a Salesforce CRM Call Center. In the Salesforce console footer or within the sidebar of each Salesforce pages appears a customizable call control tool known as Salesforce SoftPhone using which users can make use of CTI systems and its features after the installation of CTI Adapter Program. Salesforce users can make calls in the SoftPhone by means of dialling a number or by selecting a number from the online directory. The calls can also be made by clicking on any of the contacts, leads, activity or account etc. It also allows users to receive calls, transfer calls, instantly view the Salesforce records, placing callers on hold, attaching records to calls and generating of the automatic call logs.

Moreover Salesforce CRM Call Center can be configured by administrators through modifying the SoftPhone layouts and assigning them to only the selected user profiles. The phone numbers are also added to the call center directories by the administrators. The functionality of the existing CTI Adapters can be customized by the developers by making use of CRM Call Center Code Libraries. New CTI adapters can be thus created for the phone systems that are not yet supported.

Steps to setup Salesforce CRM Call Center

An administrator has to perform the below mentioned tasks for setting up a Salesforce CRM Call Center.

  • Installation of CTI Adapter on each of the call center user machines, as machines that do not have a CTI adapter installed cannot access Salesforce CRM Call Center.
  • A new call center record has to be defined for every CTI system in use at your organization.
  • Proper call center has to be assigned towards the Salesforce users.
  • There are two more functions that an administrator can perform on an optional basis. They are configuration of call center phone directories as well as customization of the SoftPhone layouts. Ensure that the HTTPS is enabled for CTI adapters built with CTI Tool Kit with version 4.0.

How a Call Center can be created?

The presence of a call center within a Salesforce CRM Call Center is nothing but single computer-telephony integration (CTI) system that is already in place within your organization. For a Salesforce user to make use of anyone of the Salesforce CRM Call Center features, they must be assigned to a call center record.

A call center record can be used in especially two ways namely;

  • A call center definition file can be imported to Salesforce and this method can be used for creating the first call center that was just installed for a CTI adapter.
  • Additional call centers can be created for a particular CTI adapter by means of cloning an existing call center definition.
  • The created list of call centers can be viewed by clicking setup and then entering ‘Call Centers’ within the ‘Quick Find’ box and then selecting the option denoted as ‘Call Centers’.

Tips to manage Call Center Users

Manage Call Centers functionality helps in adding as well as removing the users from a Call Center.

Removing users from a Call Center

  • Go to Setup
  • In Quick Find box, enter ‘Call Centers’
  • Select the option denoted as Call Centers
  • Select ‘Manage Call Center Users’ from the Call Center Users related list
  • Next to the name of the user which you want to remove from the call center, select the option denoted as ‘Remove’
  • For removing multiple users at a single time, choose the Action checkbox placed next to each user that needs to be removed and finally click the option denoted as ‘Remove Users’

Adding Users to a Call Center

  • Go to Setup
  • In Quick Find box, enter ‘Call Centers’
  • Select the option denoted as Call Centers
  • Select the Call Center name that you want to assign to the Salesforce user
  • Select ‘Manage Call Center Users’ from the Call Center Users related list
  • Select the option denoted as ‘Add More Users’
  • The search criteria has to be specified before determining the Salesforce users that needs to be assigned to the call center
  • The list of Salesforce users to be added would be displayed after selecting the ‘Find’ button. The already included users that belongs to a call center would be excluded from this list since a user can be assigned to the call center only once at a time.
  • Click on the checkbox next to the users that needs to be assigned to the Call Center and select the option denoted as ‘Add to Call Center’. Thus users can be added to a call center.

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