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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Refurbished Notebook Computers

Author: Messoanuovo
by Messoanuovo
Posted: Apr 26, 2019

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using used notebook computers and/ or laptops. So before you get lured in by any of the offers floating about in the market, you need to know what all you will be getting in the bargain. If you think that the time is right for you to invest some cash in a computer for your home or office needs, buying restored or used notebooks or computers /laptops could be a great idea!


Cost Of A Used PC Or Electronic Item

Yes, you get a lot of value for your money here and you can’t deny that. If you consider a brand such as Dell or HP or HCL or Toshiba or any of the leading names that seem way beyond your budget when they are launched fresh in the market, would become reachable after a year or so. These names carry a good resale value for the seller as well and when you are in the market trying to get a product like that, the amount you pay will be much less than the retail price of a brand new product. The fact that you are getting solid quality and peace of mind associated with that brand makes this deal even fairer. You can own a fine piece of machinery and that too without breaking the bank.

Regular Updates

Yes, no matter what brand of refurbished laptops or computers you are using, you will still get guaranteed updates even for your used PC. These models of computers might be old for the previous owners but the manufacturers and the operating system providers constantly work on patches and software upgrades to keep their machines running smoothly. They have to take care of their customers and now that you own one of their devices, you are going to benefit from their update programs as well.


Faulty Motherboard

Faulty motherboard is one of the most common disadvantages of used notebooks /computers and refurbished laptops. If the company is selling you a defective piece you will surely find out about it when you get to use it yourself. It is better to ask them to turn on the machine and allow you to use them for a while so that you don’t regret your decision later on. Typically the faults that we are looking for here are unusual heating up of the back panel and the vent areas. The USB ports of the used notebook computer will also become warm to the touch. The screen will begin to flicker and you will see that the OS hangs a lot while using it even for the most basic purposes. Severe and frequent crashing and RAM management issues will be common as well. Battery will also drain faster if the motherboard is faulty.

Limited Warranty

Most of the products that are reused or repurposed do not come with a warranty and those that do only hold a refurbishers warranty and not a manufacturer’s warranty. These usually last you for about 6 months and might not cover some aspects of the machine. So this is another very major disadvantage of using a refurbished electronic item.

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