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Via HP Laptop Support Fix Boot Device Not Found Or 3F0 Error On HP PC

Author: Maria Carter
by Maria Carter
Posted: Apr 26, 2019

Sometimes, when anyone starts their HP Laptop, they get Hard disk 3F0 error on their laptop. Doesn’t this error seem vague and impenetrable? Yes it is. But in a nutshell, this error means that Laptop is unable to connect with hard drive. A Hard Disk 3F0 error is a very common boot error that doesn’t allow computer to find a boot device. In order to resolve this nasty error, user need to take HP Laptop Support to fix boot device not found error message.

Generally, boot device not found error can be caused by a complete host of issues, such as having an incorrect BIOS boot sequence, hard drive not properly being plugged in or corrupted hard disk partition. Unfortunately, when this error crop up then user might have to reinstall operating system or replace hard drive. But, first before reinstalling operating system or buy a new hard drive, just look at the below mentioned points to eliminate this error from the root.

Look at the possible reasons why Hard Disk 3F0 Error comes up

  • Incorrect BIOS boot sequence
  • Corrupted disk partition
  • Broken hard disk
  • Boot sector virus
  • Loose hard drive connecting cable

If anyone is dealing with a Hard Disk 3F0 error or boot device not found and their HP PC had important data that need to back up, then HP tech support is here to help. Just follow the below mentioned measures to fix this issue.

Perform a hard reset

By performing a hard or forced reset anyone can easily erase all the information in their computer memory. This forces the system to clear and then reestablish the software connections between the hardware and BIOS.

Restore BIOS default settings

By restoring BIOS (short for Basic Input/ Output Settings) to factory settings, user can use their HP Laptop as a new device. In order to restore the BIOS default settings, simply go to BIOS setup screen.

Use HP PC Hardware Diagnostics tool to check the hard drive

Make use of HP PC hardware diagnostics tool to verify that hard drive is damaged or not. User can use it even when their computer does not open to windows. This includes two test, Quick test and extensive test. Anyone can use both of them to test the hard drive.

Reseat the hard drive

When the connections to the hard driver are loose or not proper, then boot device not error message can also crop up. Simply try reseating the hard drive in HP PC to properly connect hard drive.

Perform an HP System Recovery

If none of the above succeeds to solve 3F0 Error, then user needs to perform an HP system recovery on windows. This feature repairs PC by reinstalling the operating system.

Hopefully, after going through these steps, anyone can easily overcome 3F0 error from their HP PC. But, if the issue still persists, then they need to take HP Laptop Support at once. As this is the most reliable support, so that anyone can take guidance from their professionals in an efficient manner.

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  • Guest  -  6 months ago

    Error 3f0 hp

  • Guest  -  6 months ago

    Error 3f0 hp

  • Guest  -  6 months ago

    This is the issue something related to a laptop hardware problem this can be a hard disk drive error or may be a setup problem related to legacy support. For understading, the simple and easy solution follow the link to learn more about this issue hard disk 3f0 error fix

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