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Why families move from Manhattan to Upper East Side?

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Apr 25, 2019
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You may have been wondering why lately more and more families have been moving from Downtown Manhattan to the Upper East Side. Before we begin describing the many advantages that life in the Upper East Side offers, it's worth noting that Downtown Manhattan also has its unique qualities. For example, this neighborhood is located near the highway. This means that its residents can enjoy many paths for walkers, joggers and bikers alike. Then, there’s the fact that some people prefer living in an urban, busy environment such as Downtown Manhattan. However, the Upper East Side can be considered to be more peaceful and, in simplified terms, a more sophisticated environment. This makes it great for families. However, it is not the only advantage that moving to the Upper East Side provides. Read on for some of the more wonderful things that life on Upper East Side can offer.

The Upper East Side is home to some of the most renowned museums in the world

First of all, there are many amazing museums on the Upper East Side. Museums are great for the whole family, as everyone can learn something, no matter the age. However, educating your children from an early age and exposing them to high-quality art should definitely be one of the top items on your list of priorities.

The Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, nicknamed ’’the Met’’, is the largest museum of its kind in all of America. The Met has three buildings, but the main one is located on the Upper East Side. This building houses one of the largest art galleries in existence. Not only can you find various antique art pieces there (both from Europe and Ancient Egypt), but the Met also keeps on display a large collection of modern art, as well as the works of some of the most famous European artists of all time. This alone could be enough to persuade some families that moving to the Upper East Side is the right thing to do (while we’re at it, choosing the right moving company is very important, and is the best in the Manhattan area).

The Guggenheim and the Frick Collection

Then, there’s the Frick Collection. This museum is dedicated to preserving the art collection of the famous American industrialist Henry Clay Frick. This man, who had a vital role in creating the US Steel corporation, had a collection of paintings and designer furniture made by the old European masters, which is now available for everyone to see at the Frick Collection.

While there are many other museums on the Upper East Side, we’ll mention just one more – The Guggenheim Museum. This museum has a large collection of both early Modern and contemporary art, as well as plenty of impressionist and post-impressionist pieces. If you’re into this kind of art, there’s a good chance that you own a collection yourself. In that case, moving can be slightly problematic, so you should consider asking for moving assistance when moving in Manhattan.

Moving to the Upper East Side provides access to many wonderful parks

Apart from these renowned museums, the Upper East Side also offers plenty of beautiful parks, including the famous Central Park. The amusement park Victoria Garden, located in Central Park, features 12 unique types of games, rides and other types of entertainment. This makes it one of the better ways to occupy your kids in New York. Then, there’s the Central Park Zoo, where you can find animals from all over the world. If you are in the mood of seeing a penguin or a sea lion – look no further.

Among other parks on Upper East Side, the Carl Schurz Park is probably the one that will make you see the appeal of moving to Upper East Side. This park is divided into two sections. The first section includes two areas where you can let your dogs run free without a leash. There is also a basketball court there, and a deck hockey field. The second section is of a more passive type. Dogs are not allowed there and you can't play any type of sport, but you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Nature there is extremely fulfilling and serene. And if you enjoy it with your family, it becomes even more relaxing.

Some other great parks on the Upper East Side include:

  • John Jay Park
  • Catherine’s Park
  • Twenty-Four Sycamores Park
  • Ruppert Park
  • Peter Detmold Park

and a few others.

If you're into food and shopping, the Upper East Side is the right neighborhood for you

As you can see, the Upper East Side is a great place to heal and enhance both your soul and your mind. However, it is also a great place to satisfy your more down-to-Earth needs. Namely, it is a great neighborhood if you’re in the mood for a great meal or a fun shopping spree. And both of these things are more fun if you do it with the members of your family!

Amazing restaurants

The food in this neighborhood is actually so good that, for some people, it may be enough to justify moving to the Upper East Side! The first restaurant that we will mention is the Flora Bar. The food in this restaurant is known to be extremely delicious. The steak tartarus is especially recommended, but they also have great lamb ribs and mussels with toast.

Then, there’s the Via Quadronno, known for its famous sandwiches and pasta. And if you’re a fan of sushi, don’t forget to check out either Sushi of Gari or Sushi Seki Upper East Side. There aren’t many differences between these two sushi places (Seki started out as a chef at Gari’s), but Seki Sushi is open until 3 AM every night except on Sunday. And if the great restaurants on the Upper East Side aren’t enough for you, be sure to check out these other five amazing restaurants in New York.

Interesting boutiques

As for shopping, you can, for example, try the well-known New York designer Yumi Kim’s place. The Yumi Kim boutique sells women clothing known for its floral prints and striking colors. Her style blends Californian vibes with the more hip New York feel. Another boutique worth checking out is Mixology. As its name implies, this store specializes in the art of mixing the more sophisticated designer wardrobe items with more casual articles of clothing.

Of course, there are a lot more high-quality boutiques in the neighborhood that should make anyone consider moving to the Upper East Side. However, we’ll focus on just one more - the Badgley Mischka place. This boutique, run by Mark Badgley and James Mischka, primarily deals in eveningwear. Their eveningwear is very sophisticated. You can’t go wrong with their clothes if you’re going to a more classy event. This is underlined by the design of the boutique itself, as it features things like Parisian mirrors and columns made in the 18th century. Finally, if you have already checked out all the wonderful boutiques on the Upper East Side, you can expand your search for great clothes and go shopping in East Village.

The appeal of moving your family to the Upper East Side

So, there you have it. Upper East Side certainly offers enough reasons to attract the families that are currently living in Downtown Manhattan. Apart from the things mentioned in this article, moving to the Upper East Side is also appealing because of the area’s highly reliable healthcare facilities. Surely, every parent wants their children to get the best possible medical care. Also, it is very easy to move around the neighborhood, both due to its convenient subway system, and the presence of many buses. For all these reasons, moving your family to the Upper East Side can definitely be just the thing for you!

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