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Reasons why young New Yorkers love Upper East Side

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Apr 25, 2020
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Choosing a neighborhood in New York that you can call your home is a hard thing to do. We can’t say that the options are endless, but the pickings aren't slim. When contemplating where would you like to live in NYC, it is hard not to mention the Upper East Side as an option. This prestigious Empire State neighborhood has always been a favorite between the older New Yorkers, but the trends have been shifting in the past few years. Younger New Yorkers love the Upper East Side or, so it seems in the past few years. This very conservative neighborhood only reserved for wasps once upon a time is starting to attract many young professionals, that have a slightly deeper pocket.

Where is the Upper East Side located?

As you probably already know, the Upper East Side is located on the island of Manhattan. After all, it is one of the most famous neighborhoods all over the world and not just in NYC. However, many do not know it’s exact coordinates. This lux neighborhood is surrounded by these four borders: 96th Street (north border), the East River (east border), 59th Street (south border), and 5th Avenue (west border). This close to perfect location makes it easy to relocate to and from any NYC borough. So, moving locally here is pretty simple especially from Brooklyn or other parts of Manhattan.

Suddenly young New Yorkers love the Upper East Side

This came as a surprise to many. In the past, more often than not the Upper East Side had a tendency to be mentioned with a negative connotation. Many media outlets promoted this place as a boujee NYC spot that only pretentious people live in. However, that cannot be further from the truth. Here is why this neighborhood is desired by many that want to live in the Empire State of mind.

Not all real estate on the Upper East Side will break your bank account

Let’s get it out there right away. The Upper East Side is not a cheap place to live in. But, there are also properties that are affordable and thus attractive to a younger crowd. Certainly, to young working professionals that love the pace and the race of living in Manhattan. Of course, there are many luxurious properties in this neighborhood that are rented and sold for unimaginable figures. Still, that is not the only thing on the real estate menu. Many affordable units can be found on the Upper East Side. Especially, when it comes to apartment living. Therefore, don’t let the scary stories about overpaid apartments and homes push you away from exploring this neighborhood as your future home to be.

Transportation options and connections are close to perfect

Many New Yorkers aren’t huge fans of driving. That is why transportation options are so important to many. Certainly, there is a lot of space for walking on the Upper East Side and Manhattan, but if you are working in Downtown Manhattan, this might not be your best bet. The train connections passing through the Upper East Side connect it to all parts of Manhattan and other boroughs as well.

If you aren’t into subway cruising, there is always the bus. For those that want to avoid public transportation, cabs and car services are an option. Ultimately, very true New Yorker has mastered the art of hailing a cab. Thus, this is one of the main reasons why young New Yorkers love the Upper East Side. They still have the chance to be easily connected to all other parts of NY.

The culture is everywhere

Some of the best-known museums in the world are located on the Upper East Side. Young New Yorkers love the Upper East Side because it gives them a great opportunity to enrich their lives culturally. When living in this neighborhood your neighbors are the Guggenheim Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. If museums aren’t your cup of tea, there are street artists on many street corners and in Central Park. This is a perfect place to move to for the first time with your partner. There is no lack of excitement in this neighborhood, even though some tend to disagree.

Food and entertainment are to die for

How many times have you seen pictures of celebs entering bars and restaurants on the Upper East Side? Well, the answer is countless and with good reason. Young New Yorkers love the Upper East Side not only as a place to live in but also as an entertainment hotspot. This certainly didn't use to be the case.

However, as more crowded Brooklyn and Downtown Manhattan get, true New Yorkers are looking for places with a different vibe. The Upper East Side can provide just that. Fewer tourists and college kids equal more peace and adult time in bars, bistros, and restaurants. Many are even contemplating dropping Brooklyn as their home and moving to the UES. As cool as BK used to be, now it has turned into a place where hipsters try too hard to be unique and the crowds are starting to be too large.

World renown health care

If you are playing ball in Central Park and you get hurt, don’t worry. There are plenty of medical places that can help you. The Upper East Side houses some of the most famous hospitals in NYC: New York Presbyterian Hospital, the Hospital of Special Surgery, and of course Lenox Hill.

Are you one of the young New Yorkers who love the Upper East Side?

The great thing about NYC is that there is a neighborhood for everybody. Plus, if you have a good real estate agent in NYC, it will be a piece of cake! Even though you are a young individual you might not be ready for the Upper East lifestyle. On the other hand, it might be just what the doctor ordered. The key is that only you can know what you really need out of a new neighborhood. However, what we would advise is don’t knock it until you try it. Living in this neighborhood can be pretty spectacular.

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