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The science and art of astrology

Author: Girija Nandi
by Girija Nandi
Posted: May 10, 2019

Humans have long debated the topic of astrology and its correlation with scientific facts. Astrology believes in the relationship between astrological phenomena, events and the traits of humans. To decode the scientific inclination, we would like to explain a few concepts. Indian scriptures and sagas have always mentioned that the motion of heavenly bodies predicts the future event’s and people’s personalities.

Astrology sets rules about relative positions and movements of heavenly bodies to understand the actions on Earth and human personality traits. The movement of heavenly bodies means the positioning of sun, planets, the time of day and the earth’s orbit around the sun.

Historical Relationship between Astronomy

Whenever we heard of Greece, the most common thoughts which come to us are a democracy, philosophy, and mythology. It was Greeks who first shaped the modern day astrology which came into existence in the 2nd millennium BC. They introduced the concepts of the constellation to astrology. Further, the Egyptians followed it slowly. Thus began the development of the modern form of western astrology.

On the other hand, Indian Astrology is the oldest form of astrology which is different from western and Chinese astrology. Indian ancient astrology which was developed around 5000 years ago follows a completely different hart when compared to the western followers. This science form dates back to 3000 B.C. Indian Astrology found its place in the old Vedas like Atharva Veda. if Indian Astrology is to believe every event in our life is dependent on the year of birth, time and date. Vedic Astrology believes in the understanding of life through its karma from the past. We believe that our previous life’s karma has an effect on today’s scenario.

Indian Astrology is a very ancient practice based on the legs of Vedas. Ancient sages who were the true masters and pillars of astrology taught their disciples the art of Indian Astrology. The Vedas are a bunch of source of knowledge which will never lose its significance. There are different assumptions about astrology around the globe. It is believed to be a probabilistic art which is based on numerous empirical factors developed by rishis thousands of years back.

We have decoded the art of astrology into Astronomy, mathematical sciences, and empirical observations based rules. Astrology can never be completely on either bad or good, it might have influences from both.

The major six branches of Vedic limbs are:

  • Gola – This refers to the political astronomy of Indian Astrology
  • Ganita–This part of the science deals with the mathematical question which leads us to the Gola.
  • Jataka–This branch of astrology belongs to the natal astrology.
  • Prasna- These are the questions based on astrological predictions.
  • Muhurta–It is an auspicious time to start anything new in the life of a people

By the use of Indian Astrology, we can understand the traits of an individual. The Indian Astrology can be divided into SiddhantaBhaga and PhalitBhaga. Rigveda is very first of the books of Rigveda which correlates the month of solar months to lunar months. Another popular book based on Vedic Astrology is Brihat Samhita.

In the 476 AD, Aryabhatta wrote a book based on astronomy, mathematics, which mentioned the details on astrological sciences.

Astrology can help in predictions of an individual’s horoscope; such prediction helps in giving fructification of events in his life. On the other hand, the data set predicted by astrology is also used in overall market indices and stock market predictions. Though equity-based predictions are not a perfect science but are rational and scientific.

In all the examples elaborated, there is a common presentation of data set which is observable and are used for astrological predictions.

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