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How to Google Ads help to grow business

Author: Hari Kumar
by Hari Kumar
Posted: May 10, 2019
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Digital Magnetism:

Google is one of the vast digital platform which empowers Marketers to create and run ads across the google search engine. This will attract more customers when they are looking for product and services. Google Ads service offered text ads, image ads, banner ads, and Video ads, when clicked Ads, take the customers on their specific page not only help them to attention but also buy unique products. In digital platform, this is known as Search Engine Marketing.

For sample example when customer looking for EMR app and they search in google. Vendors who go for Google Ad services will able to see following type ads in search engine result page like (Search ads, Banner ads). It will help them to get attention to your product and boost traffic to your website. In the same way, Marketers and retailers run ads across video and banner ads for brand awareness and promotion.

Why Google Ads?

If you are started a new business and looking for more customers to visit your online store, grow business and website traffic in short term google ads surely help among your competitors. This is the key reasons why Google ad words (Ads) in important.

Set goal and Track your own business goal

Good ROI (Return on Investment)

Increase Traffic to the website

Brand awareness and promotion

Sales Lead and conversion

You can measure the performance of your ads,

How many users view your ads

How many times people see (in other words "impression ") your ads

How many users click your ads

Where did you get more traffic to your website?

Which areas you are getting more sales and leads

What are the words or keywords users clicked your ads

Which website bring maximum traffic to your website.

How much costs for each leads and conversion

Ads Categories:

Search Ads

Display Ads

Shopping Ads

Video Ads

Steps to create Ad Campaign :

Create Attract images and cache words to attract customers longing.

You can choose and optimize where you want your ads to show.

You can target specific locations, countries, regions or cities and demographics (age, Gender, etc…). This will effectively promote your local searches.

While running ads keep your target customers in mind and create campaign accordingly.

You can set Ad budget for your campaign. If you want to spend on ads on daily/weekly/monthly. Amount will be deducted per lead/click, CPC or CPM

Accurate planning and previous records help to set a minimum and maximum amount you will spend on the business.

Use Google analytical tools and compile most search keywords from Keyword Planner, display planner and auction insights.

It helps your business to search for products or services by your potential customers and attract them easily.

It will lead to reach as much as higher who are interested in your business and services.

Tracking your sales conversion.

You can analyze and predict customer requirements based on Analytical reports.

A successful campaign would bring good ROI on your business and get promotion to your products. With the advent of the Internet and mobile phone technologies, net users are rapidly increase

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Hari Kumar is a Digital Marketing Executive who interested in Article writing and Blog posting to expose my knowledge in the marketing strategy to help companies to achieve overall business Goals. Website:

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Author: Hari Kumar

Hari Kumar

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