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(2019) Recent advancements of Cloud-based solutions

Author: Sehaz Kaur
by Sehaz Kaur
Posted: May 09, 2019
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As the world is growing towards technology, cloud computing has become one of the first choices that almost every business entrepreneur need. Cloud computing has solved the storage issues. Rather than depending on multiple devices now, you can easily buy a cloud space and can store your files there. The best part here is that you can easily store as much of data as you want, being a business entrepreneur, you just have to pay for it as the free space will surely not be sufficient for you.

Cloud computing has transformed multiple businesses to a great extent, and the only reasons that lie behind it are its scalability, versatility, and reliability. Various industries example salesforce training institute in Chennai are using cloud sources in different ways; whether they are public, private or hybrid clouds, the user of cloud solutions has changed the trend to a great extent. Just look at the milestones that cloud-based solutions have setup:

IoT: The online presence of all the things is considered to be one of the significant solutions being added up in the market. The evolution of IoT has tremendously sped up all of the progress and have provided up a lot of opportunities to the creative individualities.

Internet of things is the prime target of the cloud solutions that have raised the internet communications system that had provided wings to the various developments. Businesses and individuals have become more flexible and efficient now while having a creative mindset free to think.

Presence of AI Bots: The introduction of AI Bots in the cloud infrastructure have given birth an interactive and practical hybrid cloud infrastructure for a wide range of businesses. One can now easily access connectivity tools, applications, and artificial platforms as per their project needs.


Salesforce is actually one of the leading Customer Relationship Management of the world that really have made it quite easier to manage the different aspects of any organizations, i.e., sales, marketing and customer support facets, etc. the company actually offers your business a cloud support that one can easily use and work on without using a professional help.

Recent trends of Salesforce

As we have mentioned to you earlier that Salesforce is an online cloud support that has helped a wide range of businesses while sorting out their various needs. Some of the latest trends of Salesforce are:

Sales Cloud: It is a customer relationship management platform that helps an organization to manage its sales, marketing, and customer support. This platform is a great lead for businesses running on b2B and B2C modules.

Marketing Cloud: As the name describes, this module offers a robust digital marketing platform for an organization to run on. The trend is quite helpful in managing and tracking the various marketing sources such as customer journey, the involvement of social media, personalization and a lot more.

Service Cloud: This module deals with the company’s customer service and support team. Whether it is about case tracking or plugging in social media networking for conversations and analytics, everything is managed here.

Community Cloud: This CRM platform offers you a social platform to get connected and with your employees, partners and customers through social platforms.

Commerce clouds: This CRM platform provides seamless customer service and experiences irrespective to the current location of the customers.

Analytics Cloud: This business intelligence platform works on the large data files of your organizations and concerns various graphs, charts to analyze your latest business trends.

App cloud: This CRM platform creates custom apps to be run on the Salesforce platform. This salesforce trend provides you excellent customer response through applications and development tools.

IoT cloud: If you are looking for storing and processing the internet of things for your organization, IoT cloud offers you great help in achieving it. This CRM platform is perfectly designed to receive and handle substantial data volumes correctly. The data is usually collected through devices, sensors, websites, applications, customers and partners, etc.

Health Cloud: Working in a health organization is not an easy task. There are a lot of things that you have to keep stored in. Whether these are doctor-patient relationship or it is about capturing the history of indoor and outdoor patients, whether it is about managing the details of hospital staff or it is about keeping the records of medicines and medical instruments being available there. Every process needs to have an IT expert to manage it. But the introduction of Salesforce has made it more comfortable here. Being a part of health IT organization, rather than depending upon multiple data files, you can move on to CRM system such as Health Cloud to make it much easier for you.

Cloud solutions have become one of the musts to acquire part of almost every organization where one can easily store and save a lot of data with absolute security.

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