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Most Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Author: Rahul Rana
by Rahul Rana
Posted: May 14, 2019
Most Common Web Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

In today’s world, almost all organizations expect sites to increase new customers and keep up a smooth customer relationship. As a business owner, web design mistakes are something that you would need to keep away from.

An effective small business website generally comes with:

  • Responsive Design – easily viewable and usable

  • Minimalism – fewer pages, with simpler designs

  • User-friendly experience – comfortable for users

  • Attractive content - easy, simple and informative at the same time

But crucial web design mistakes hamper your business site's capacity to meet the previously mentioned criteria. A portion of the common web design mistakes that small business make are:

1. Terrible Call to Action (CTA)

Lack of call to to take action or no call to action is a terrible mistake found on numerous private venture sites.

Call to action guides visitors to do something. As it were, it is a passage to your business. A decent site should let you know:

  • What to do

  • Where to go

CTA should:

  • Guide users well

  • Be concise

  • Be as simple as possible rather than creative

Some well-known examples of CTA are: Get Started for Free, Sign Up, Contact Us, Download Now, Subscribe etc.

2. Search Engine Optimization Deficiency

Search engine rankings are depend on Search Engine Optimization methods. A good website should follow the proper SEO techniques for a business to flourish.

Regularly, when you don't make website adhering to SEO techniques, it results into poor search engine performance. Here are some design mistakes that can harm your SEO:

  • Missing H1 Tags

Many times, website designers and developers try to emphasize the perspective of a website and ignore essential SEO elements. Removing the H1 tag is one of those. No matter how wonderful the site looks, it did not appear in the search engine because of the missing H1 tag.

Use a descriptive H1 tag with target keyword.

  • Large Images and Media Files

If we consider the most recent web design trends, images and videos certainly enhance the beauty of a website, but they may also affect the site speed. Google rewards sites that load faster. You can utilize tools like Google Pagespeed Insights Test and Screaming Frog to identify if the page contains large images and media files. It is possible to re-upload the resized or compressed media files on the identity.

  • Pop-ups

Pop-ups can negatively impact SEO. So, you should reconsider pop-up strategies if visitors don't discover those easy to use.

  • Text in Images

Search engines generally don't peruse writings overlaid on pictures. A few sites include significant titles or headings inside pictures. This is a bad practice and you ought to keep away from it. Even if your image contains some text, restate that text content on your page.

  • Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll is harmful for SEO. Search Engine robots just observe the content that is fundamentally obvious on the site. It doesn’t see the remaining elements that would stack through infinite scrolling. Hence it has effects on SEO. But one can also make infinite scroll search-friendly.

  • Thin Content

Thin contents makes your website’s SEO suffer. Common thin content related mistakes are:

  • Not enough details about your product or service pages Visitors are more likely to come as descriptive content clients on these pages.

  • Listing various items or services on one page confuses the search engine regarding what the page is about.

  • Search engines do not like plagiarized content. Additionally, content full of grammatical mistakes hurts the user experience of your website, which in turn affects the SEO.

You have to remember these basic SEO elements in mind while working on a new website or redesigning one.

3. Difficulty in Finding Contact Info

Clients need to connect with the business owners often and thus, giving right contact information stands of importance.You can clearly show contact information on the header or footer or a dedicated contact page.

Providing as much as possible contact details (including your social media links) work as a trust factor for your customers. All the contact information it ought to be helpful and simple to discover.

4. Poor Mobile Site Experience

Experiencing a poor mobile site is another mistake that people often do. People today are dependent on mobile devices and use it a lot to access the internet.

Therefore, the number of mobile site visitors is increasing with each passing day, you should take seriously the responsive websites responsible for reaching more people.

67% of users prefer to buy products from mobile-friendly sites. 40% of users have turned into a competitive website because of facing a bad mobile experience.

So, if your small business website isn’t mobile responsive, it’s high time to change that.

5. Lacking Content Quality

Content quality ought to be the prime concern while designing the website. Some key concerns might be:

  • Sometimes the content is lengthy and insignificant. It drives away the customers. Some of the time it isn't sufficient to give information to the customer.

  • You should utilize images ought to make better better content. But irrelevant images ruin the quality of the content instead.

  • It is critical to take care of Poor use of whitespace. Ads in wrong places are additionally a matter of concern.

The subject and tone of your content should be appropriate for your target audience.


There are numerous some other web design mistakes apart from the ones mentioned above. The above ones are extremely normal and simple to fix. You can deal with them in the first place by taking care of the small things.

There is no better time to look at your web technique than the present moment. Begin fixing the mistakes today and accomplish greater success!

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