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Top 6 Javascript Development Tools required for Javascript web development

Author: The Unplugged Web
by The Unplugged Web
Posted: May 12, 2019

Javascript is one of the multipurpose language which is used for mobile and web application development. There are numerous tools and open source libraries that empower the language. We are going to highlight best tools and libraries that will help Javascript development company to create mobile or web application efficiently. We ensure you that this tools will really helpful to javascript developer at the beginner stage of development.

1. Gulp

Gulp is generally task based tool cloacked as a package manager. Gulp is basically solving your repetition work in code. Let’s say, you are spending substantial time for develop the code and testing and then constantly refreshing your browser to check update on frontend website.

Gulp has a feature that prevent you to do those time taking tasks and many other tasks. That is making gulp very powerful. There are 3772 gulp registry plugin available while writing this blog.

2. Sublime

Javascript developer require best text editor to write piece of code and sublime is one of the best text editor for developers. There are many other text editors like notepad++ but once you use sublime then you will never go to other editors. Sublime allow you to write clean and efficient code. Sublime is basically worked on Python API so developers can get many Python-based extensions that allow developer to write code with flexibility.

3. NPM

NPM is widely known as NodeJS Package Manager. This is basically an online repository that has been built in NodeJS. NodeJS is an open-source and cross platform server environment. So in short NPM is a free code which allow you to use build blocks for your development projects. That’s why NPM is one of the best Javascript development tool for javascript developers.

4. ESLint

This is an amazing tool that will analyze developers’ source code for probable errors. This tool is basically known as ESLint which is perfect for finding bad code in javascript even not require to execute the source code and that can be time saving for the developers.

Best Javascript tools for mobile application development

1. Phonegap/Cordova

Phonegap is an awesome tool that allow developers to create graceful hybrid mobile application for their customers. Phonegap is mainly use to create mobile application and then packing the source code of the application and build Android APK file and iOS ipa file as a wrapper to make mobile application live to respective app store. Phonegap has an effect of HTML / CSS / Javascript that makes it unique hybrid mobile app. This is just a small example but there are plenty of stuff that you can do with PhoneGap.

2. Jquery Mobile

This is a wide-ranging and most popular HTML5 UI framework for mobile web development. The main purpose of this tool is "Write few lines of code and achieve more output". Jquery mobile has good API and wide range of UI components for creating an amazing mobile application.

So above are the top javascript development tools that can help the beginner javascript developers to start their career as a javascript developers.

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