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Your Key To Success: Boost SEO With Best Domain Name And Extension

Author: Surbhi Singh
by Surbhi Singh
Posted: May 23, 2019
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It's been a month when I was sitting with my friend on a coffee and the conversation was all about his online business. He was puzzled by choosing the best template design for his website and I just don’t remember when the conversation took a jump from choosing the right template to choosing the lucrative domain name and extension.

In no time, the ordinary conversation turned into a brainstorming session. I was highly strung at the very time, thinking about the best domain name and extension for him to be considered and would that really impact his website’s SEO.

By any chance, you have any such doubt, you should continue reading the article further.

What Do You Need To Know?

Priorly, you should have a better understanding of TLD and SLD to avoid any confusion later.

If you are already knowledgeable about these two terms, you can skip this section and continue reading the latter part.

TLD: TLD or Top Level Domain is the highest level domain category in the Internet domain naming system. It is nothing else but the portion of domain name that is suffixed to the dot. For eg. In the case of, com is the TLD.

SLD: SLD or Second Level Domain is the portion of the domain name that is prefixed to the dot. For eg. In the case of, w3bminds is the SLD.

Protocol: Protocol helps internet function. They are responsible for enabling the connection and transferring the data between two locations. For eg. In the case of, https is the protocol.

Impact Of TLD And SLD On SEO

As there is no denying the fact that choosing your SLD and TLD is as important as selecting your name.

This day, it is an irrefutable fact that choosing a domain name is not easy, rather it is much more uncertain than it used to be a few years before. The reason behind is that almost everyone today knows well the benefit of being a part of this online world.

That being the case, many of the common domain names and extensions are already registered. Howbeit, choosing the most appropriate and relevant SLD and TLD is always the best idea as your domain is the first impression of your website and a reflection of your online presence.

For many years, SEO strategists have worked out many strategies to help gain higher rankings on the search engines like Google and domain name is a factor that is believed to play a crucial part and can have a considerable impact on SEO efforts and search rankings. In fact, the structure of URLs and domains is the most vital and basic building blocks of SEO.

Choosing The Right SLD And TLD

  • Using Keywords

Though keywords are crucial in the game of SEO, yet you need to keep in mind a few things when using keywords into your domain. Google has updated the way it used to crawl results on the search engine. It no longer prioritizes keyword-stuffed and exact-match domains, but also combs through the website for relevant content.

Hence, if you want to use the keyword in your domain name, you need to back it up with strong and alluring content, valid brand identity, authenticity, captivating UX.

  • Using Brand Name While Keeping It Easy To Read

Usually, there are cases when the brand name is not the keyword and in such it is always suggested to use your brand name over the keyword.

Also, when structuring your URL, you need to consider that it should be readable to human visitors looking forward to you.

  • Make URL Relevant And Match It To Page Titles

It’s always vital that your domain name communicates the right message to the visitors to give them a better understanding of what your website or business is all about.

Moreover, you should aim at putting content that actually matches the expectations of the visitors. When they get what they were looking for, you’re building trust and meeting the demands of search engines.

  • Keep It Simple And Short

One or two simple words are good enough for your SLD as the easier your site is to access and spell, the more positive feelings your visitors will have.

Therefore, if you are having some complicated domain name in your mind, better save it for your account password.

  • Prefer The.Com TLD Extension Over Any Other

Although, there is a gamut of TLD extension available to choose from. It's very obvious is the most commonly used extension and known one on the web.

A majority of internet users are familiar with this extension and easily trust it.

What if this TLD is not available with your SLD?

In such a case, it is suggested to change your SLD a bit, and if you are so certain with your SLD then you can go for some other TLD,.io, or you can use any Generic Top Level Domains(gTLD).

  • Avoid Using Country- level Domain

It is often suggested not to use any country code domain as this will hold the website back from ranking on Google internationally.

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