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Surbhi Singh

Member since: Sep 14, 2018
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Boost Your Internet Marketing with 7 ’s of Marketing

It goes without saying that developing a marketing strategy is crucial for any business today. Without one, your efforts to attract customers are likely to be unorganized and inefficient. The main...

Articles > Marketing & Advertising > Marketing Tips Apr 20, 2019
It's All About the Importance of English As a Second Language in India

As it is already known to all that language is our primary source of communication. It's the method through which we share our ideas and thoughts with others. Besides, in the modern and globalized...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Apr 21, 2019
What to Consider when Hiring a Web Design Company

In this savvy world of today, almost everyone uses the internet to get information, they even query the search engine before buying any service or product even from the local stores. All they want is...

Articles > Internet > Web Design Oct 14, 2018
5 Reasons Why Having a Responsive Website Design is Crucial for Your Business

Nowadays a great part of individuals is using their smartphones and tablets for the tasks that were usually performed on a desktop, i.e. to surf the web. Recently Google announced a change to their...

Articles > Internet > Web Design Nov 23, 2018
6 Teaching Strategies Every Teacher Should Know to Keep the Class Interesting

A classroom nothing else but a type of interactional environment which usually involves the presence of a teacher and students. Students from different backgrounds with various abilities and...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching Apr 26, 2019
Advantages of Using Games for Learning English

Most of us believe in a common myth that playing games has an inimical impact on the education or learning of a person/child.What if I say that it is not purely true?Yes, you read that right. This...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Nov 15, 2019
Discover the Unpopular Truth About Content Marketing in 10 Minutes

You may not know it, but while creating content, a common problem that content marketers generally confront is solving what assets they have, are most up-to-date? This is especially hard if they...

Articles > Internet > Internet Marketing Jan 25, 2019
Few Tips for School Students to Score Well in Exams

School is the most complicated stage of life. Children want to socialize and have fun, however, also need to do well and give their best in the exams to shape and secure their future. And to achieve...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching Nov 27, 2018
How Technology is Changing Education System?

Technology is everywhere--tangled in almost every part of our culture and has shown the potential to improve various sectors of society—and assuredly education is one of them. Long gone are the times...

Articles > Reference & Education > Online Education Dec 16, 2018
How to Become a Successful Teacher – Qualities of a Successful Teacher

@ Lending a helping hand to students to ensure their growth and success is the goal and priority of every teacher. A pedagogue can be anyone in the world who can inspire and motivate children to do...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching Jul 01, 2019
How to Improve English Speaking Skills Online and Get Ahead with Minimum Efforts

Wondering how you can improve your English speaking skills online without tears? You are genuinely in fortune being a part of this cunning world of the day where the web is a wonderful resource for...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Jun 14, 2019
How to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of School : 9 Tips for Parents

@ For almost every child, the first day of school can be discouraging as children feel hesitant when going to some new place and see people they’ve never met before. This day of school is certainly a...

Articles > Reference & Education > Teaching Aug 06, 2019
Knowing These 7 Interview Tips Will Help You Get the Job

@ When it comes to job interviews, you will never get a second chance to make an exceptional first impression during the interview. Hence, knowing the key tips to prepare for a job interview and...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Jul 29, 2019
Some Tricks Which Will Definitely Improve Your English Pronunciation

Undoubtedly, if you landed here and reading this article, then it is probably all right to presume that you are not fully satisfied with your level of English and do not consider yourself fluent in...

Articles > Reference & Education > Languages Jan 17, 2019
The Benefits of Using Storytelling in Content Marketing and SEO

As you’re all aware with the actuality that in order to catch hold the top rank of the SERP(search engine result page) for your website listing, you need to create highly optimized and knowledgeable...

Articles > Internet > SEO Jun 22, 2019
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