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Car Wash Business Plans

Author: Exppress Carwash
by Exppress Carwash
Posted: May 24, 2019

Have you ever thought of being an owner of your own business?

So, what’s stopping you to start your own dream business?

Are you afraid of failing?

Let’s discuss a few basics to consider before starting your business in the car wash business industry.

What to consider before starting a car wash business?

An automatic car wash is considered to be a smart investment in a business line because there is a great demand for high-quality car washes. Most of the car lover prefer to hand over their car to an experienced hand so they always look for the best car wash company in their area. With so many numbers of cars running on the road, the car wash is turning into a necessity as every owner want to keep their asset in the best condition. This maintenance of the car is important and you better know the reason, cars are not just an asset now but have turned to a status symbol. To maintain status symbol and resale value of car, proper car wash and detailing is required. You might be aware of the word car wash but there are many owners who are unaware of the car detailing word. Car detailing is the advanced version of car maintenance that includes exterior cleaning, paint protection, headlight restoration, interior cleaning, upholstery cleaning and others. Once you take your car on the road, you will find so many enemies attacking your external car parts like dirt, debris, stone chips, changing weather, bird dropping, sunlight exposure, and even mud.

If you are delivering quality car wash that is affordable, efficient and convenient then you get consumers who are ready to wait in line and not just this, you will have a prior pipeline of car wash bookings just like Exppress Car Wash. Car washes are even a good choice to increase your prior vehicle-related businesses like gas stations, showroom or convenience store. Yes, I accept that there exist challenges in every business you start so, is the case with starting a car wash business. Some of the challenges are:

  • What type of car wash system to choose a a business perspective?
  • How to manage wastewater?
  • How to make it an eco-friendly business?
  • Whom to contact and another sort of factors?

3 things to focus more before you start your own car wash business?

So, let’s step ahead to know the basic steps related to "starting a car wash business" and make it successful in the long run.

1. Prepare a plan for your car wash business:

If you are clear in your vision and mission then creating a solid business plan over paper is not a tough task. Create a descriptive step-by-step plan over how you can turn your dream business to reality over the ground. This formulating plan is important so that you can easily secure capitals and funding while approaching any potential investors or bank for availing business funds. This plan will act as a weapon to convince them and create a trust factor. It’s but obvious thing that if you visit someone for the fund, you need to create a trust factor. This trust factor can be built only if you are clear in your concept and same presented over the paper. Plan formulation acts as a quick book whenever you deal with investors or any real estate investors. You need to submit a copy of your plan to every step you take till your business starts or even after.

The composition of your car wash business plan:

Before making your business plan, once discuss and get suggestions from one who is into this business for years. They will guide you the best and in fact, there are companies like Exppress Car wash who will lend you helping hands in starting your business by giving car wash franchisee.

What should you include in your business plan? All minor to major components are elaborated below:

  • A business description like the introductory part of your
car wash business. This section includes what is your business, services you like to offer to your customers, target audience, relevant location and geographical preference like a rural or urban area.

  • Business vision, mission, and goals. Apart from these three base statements you need to have a better presentation of the philosophies and inspiration behind your business thought.
  • For any business, customers are next to god so what measures and steps you will have for treating your customers in a better way. In short, what will be your initiative to make a customer your forever customers?
  • Individual information of your own and the staffs including their working eligibility, experience, age, and personal along with the professional background. This is important for future perspective if anything wrong happens to your records should have information on everyone.
  • Your economical forecast like your profit margins, how will you tackle downfalls and other money-related statics.
  • Your business objective likes to be the best car wash company in the town.
  • Never forget to mention the USP that you will be carrying throughout your business period. This will help you in fetching the attention and trust of the city planners, agents and financial investors.

2. Look for Potential Location for Car Wash Business:

Location plays a vital role in the success of car wash business as everything completely lies over the location. So to get the best location for your business plan you need to research more and more about the location and economic potential of the people residing in that area. For example, you can earn better from your business if your business is near any good society in comparison to some colony sort of area. So this small factor plays a crucial role to make your business a successful one. Bit of effort invested in research work will surely lead to a long time profitable business. Your car wash outlet should be located on a road which is easily accessible and has enough space to adjust car wash equipment properly. You need to check out location depending on certain parameters like:

  • Busiest location of the city
  • Population
  • The financial condition of the population residing in that particular location
  • Street type
  • Prefer location lying on road not an interior location
  • Car flow in the area/city
  • Competition level
  • Merchandising

3. Monitor the Competitors:

If you are an alone runner in a race, you will always be a winner but if you have competitors running along with you on the same track then the fun will be more and you will grow more. The same condition is applied in business so you need to have a close check of your competitors. Certain things related to your competitors are:

  • What’s the market value of your competitor
  • How long they have been in the market
  • Their marketing strategies and charges
  • Their digital performance over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others.
  • Their equipment brands and their demand in the market.

These are basic yet important questions that you need to consider your car wash competitors. To maintain a healthy competition, never pick any location near about your competitor’s outlet as that place is over-saturated with the car wash business.


So, once you have a clear idea about how to and what to do before starting a car wash business, you can step ahead to open your business. If you are interested in having a car wash business of your own then let us know as Exppress car Wash provide franchisee for car wash business. Not just they help you in opening your business but they will help you out in preparing layout to designing, providing equipment to digitally promoting your business in your location. So, what are you waiting for? Just reach us @

If you have any advice or queries, do suggest us in the comment section.

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