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Comprehensive Guide on Search Engine Marketing

Author: Jai Bhatt
by Jai Bhatt
Posted: May 24, 2019
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Search Engine Marketing plays a prominent role in the growth and development of a website. It has been the single most factor that can affect the rating and the web traffic of a particular web page. It is the most commonly used tool of the marketing and sales promotion agencies in order to diversify and expand their network. It has changed the pace of e-commerce activities. Let’s know about it in detail:

What is Search Engine Marketing?

If we want to search anything, we simply go to the search engine, let’s say google chrome or Mozilla Firefox and search. We see so many websites through which we can retrieve information. Nothing on the internet is free, the websites which we see on the internet even have paid a certain amount of money to grab a little space into this cyber world. It is a practice of growing your business using paid advertisements (that appear in the form of a search engine when we search for the desired result). In other words, it is nothing but just an opportunity of putting your ad in front of the customers who are ready to buy a precise moment. However, SEM can exist both in paid as well as in unpaid form.

Now, let’s have a look at the steps which are involved in the effective functioning of Search Engine Marketing:

Understanding of the concept: In order to do something new, we need to understand the basic idea or concept behind the whole thing. Similarly, in order to grow your business, you should be completely aware of the whole concept.

Learn how to earn traffic via Paid SEM(PPC): Like everything on the internet is free which means nothing is free on the internet, when a user clicks on the website then it generates PPC which means Pay per click. For this, you have to pay some certain amount of payment.

A deeper understanding of the steps of SEM: This may be the last step involved, but after this step, you will be completely aware of the whole concept. If you want to optimize your website’s content on search engine, the best way is to take advice from your best customer. Your website should be first submitted for indexing, which means making your website visible on the internet.

Know the Synonyms & Acronyms related to SEM: If you want to know what SEM means completely, you should be aware of the synonyms or maybe the acronyms used in this process like:

  • PPC- Pay Per Click
  • PPC- Pay Per Call
  • CPC- Cost Per Click
  • Learn how to get Organic and Inorganic Traffic with Unpaid SEM: As we know that an SEM is also unpaid in the form of Organic and Inorganic SEO.

  • Organic SEO- Great for brand awareness, customer targeting
  • Inorganic SEO- Inexpensive, generates long term results and with this, it attracts almost 80 percent of the traffic.
  • Search Engine Marketing is sometimes confused with Search Engine Optimisation but they both are two different concepts. So let’s have a look at the contrasting differentiation of SEO and SEM:


    Search Engine Optimization – In simple words, SEO is a digital strategy in order to increase the number of visitors to the website by obtaining a high rank in the search result page of a search engine.

    Search Engine Marketing- It is a broader term because SEO comes under SEM. It is a process or practice of getting traffic from search engines in both paid and non-paid form.

    SEO is a part of SEM

    By this, we get to know that SEM is a broader term as it includes SEO. We can never use both the terms interchangeably because both don’t work in the same way. Search Engine Marketing uses SEO tactic to grow their business. Hence simply, SEM is a broader term while SEO is a narrow term.

    Which one is time-consuming?

    Search Engine Optimization- SEO takes more time to show results than SEM and it involves low cost.

    Search Engine Marketing- SEM takes less time than SEO.

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