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Modern Decorative Accessories for the Modern Home

Author: Kevin Hawker
by Kevin Hawker
Posted: May 25, 2019

There are very many fine pieces of furniture and home accessories that are antiques, dating from the 19th century or earlier, and there is no doubt that if you own a home that was built in the Victorian era, antique furniture and accessories can still look very good.

However, we are now firmly into the 21st century, and modern homes demand decorative modern home accessories, and today’s designers have come up with many new twists on things to provide a contemporary look.

We all like to sit down with a glass of wine or three after dinner when watching the latest chapter of Game of Thrones, but we still need somewhere to put it, which means that we need a side table next to the sofa or armchair. In Victorian times they would have a gracefully carved wine table with three legs, and made of oak or walnut, but that looks so out of place in the modern home. Designers have solved that problem by visiting the animal kingdom.

You can now have your side table held up for you by a bear, a tiger, an elephant, a pair of meerkats, a leopard, or even an orangutan. These cute creatures are sitting down and use their front paws to hold your table-top, which looks like a slice cut out of a tree trunk complete with bark around the edge, above their heads.

Of course, we need something on the wall to tell us the time, and that is a wall clock. Among the decorative modern home accessories there are dozens of different designs of modern wall clocks, and one which stands out has a nod to the past. The Kare Propeller Wall Clock looks exactly like a propeller from the days of biplanes, and it is finished in black. It is all-metal construction and the clock itself is in the centre of the propeller and is printed with graphics that look like an instrument from the cockpit. An old design with a 21st century twist.

In similar vein is a stag’s head to hang on the wall. Back in the day, they would have a real stag’s head as a hunting trophy, but today we don’t hunt stags any more. However, you can have a reproduction stag’s head in white or vintage silver made of ceramic resin, which is a real talking point. Heck, you could even use the antlers to hang your coats on! At 2’9" high it is quite a large piece. And if a stag’s head doesn’t take your fancy, you could always go for a silver unicorn instead.

You can also get a head of a T-Rex which looks both scary and cool at the same time. Try hanging that on your office wall.

If you need a couple of storage boxes, you can buy a couple of boxes of matches. You have seen the old Bryant and May and Swan Vestas match boxes from the 20th century, or at least you have seen pictures of them. Well now you can buy a pair of storage boxes, a small one and a large one, that look exactly the same. The drawers slide out in the same way, and you can take them out completely. Useful for storing all sort of odds and ends in.

Of course, if you prefer champagne to wine after dinner, you will need champagne glasses. There is a choice of top quality LSA champagne flutes in a very modern style, which also includes the classic champagne saucer design with a modern twist, and the Moya flutes with a V shape bowl and solid glass stem.

If you need a new table lamp you are spoiled for choice. There is a design which is simply a pair of flamingo legs which form the base of the lamp and support the shade above them. Another is a rabbit sitting down with the lower half of his body forming the base, and his ears sticking out of the top of the shade. Yet another lamp looks like a pot of red paint being poured out, the shade forming the paint pot, and the red paint forming the base. It’s a really clever piece of design and yet another talking point.
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Contemporary Heaven is a UK retailer of a huge range of decorative modern home accessories of all types, including everything mentioned above.

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