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Bad Credit Car Purchase: Private Seller Vs. Auto Dealership

Author: Williams Orchard
by Williams Orchard
Posted: May 29, 2019

At some point, we all seem confused between various options. Whether it is purchasing a house or a car, we are always looking for options that suit our needs and requirements. Amidst all the exploring, the most important question to answer is: What are your options for purchasing a car? Private sellers and auto dealerships are two sources that can help you to buy a car. The place of purchase plays an important role, especially when you are suffering from bad credit. Understanding the options in detail will help you to choose the correct option for your car.

Measure Your Car Buying Options When Bad Credit Lingers

Listing down the pros and cons of buying your car from a private seller or a dealership will give you a holistic understanding and simplify your car buying process.

1. Buying a Car from an Individual

Pros: The biggest advantage of buying your car from a private seller is competitive prices. You can obtain the best possible price because when you purchase a car from a private seller, you eliminate all middlemen. Another benefit for a bad credit car buyer is the ease of auto loan approval. Lenders approve bad credit auto loans for buying a car from a private party due to the low risk of used cars. As a bad credit individual, purchasing a car and getting an auto loan is a positive step towards building a better financial future.

Cons: A drawback of purchasing your used car from a private dealer is the lack of guaranty on the vehicle. Replacing a car part or expecting after-sales services is difficult when you buy from a private seller. While you do get the lowest price on the car, you will have to do the groundwork for documentation, vehicle registration and solve DMV-related issues on your own. Although, you have to put in some extra effort due to bad credit and obtain a car in return, the efforts are not in vain.

2. Choosing an Auto Dealership to make a Purchase

Pros: Purchasing from a dealership usually means that you are buying a reliable car. Vehicle condition is one aspect that you can be certain of when purchasing your car from a dealership. Additionally, if you have narrowed down your car choice, you can get your hands on the exact make and model of the car. You will be getting the warranty and proper documentation of the car easily.

Cons: One drawback of dealerships is that the dealers usually have an in-house financing team that can provide you with costly interest rates. Another limitation of purchasing your car from a dealership is the price hike of the car as well as less room for negotiation. Also, getting bad credit auto loan approval, especially for a new car, can be a difficult task. Therefore, it becomes a cumbersome process for people with bad credit to get pre-approved auto loans or even effective interest rates, at the least.

Verdict: Choose what works for you!

A bad credit history does mean it’s the end of the road. A private seller can assist you in buying a car. If you do not have the time to do all the legwork, a dealership can be of help to you. Whether you buy a car from a private party or a dealership, make sure that you choose an inexpensive and reliable car model. It is suggested that you purchase a used car to reduce the cost of the loan. Buying a car can have a huge impact on your financial situation. So, learn your needs to make an informed decision.

Have you decided to buy a car? Whether you are looking for bad credit dealership financing or a private party car purchase, you can buy a car without worrying about your credit history. The online auto financing company offers private party auto loans along with the usual traditional loan programs. Apply now for a loan program that suits your needs.

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