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Which Office Space Type Suits Your Business the Best?

Author: Joe George
by Joe George
Posted: May 30, 2019
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Choosing an office space for a business is never a plain sailing task as it requires lots of preparations and calculations. When a business person decides to move out of his/her home office and make it to an office space, the first thing they think about is the type of office space that would benefit their business.

After experiencing all the hurdles at their home office, they would definitely not want any such things happening in their new office space, which is why they take extra care while choosing an office space for their business. Of course, one has to be very careful as office space plays a crucial role in the success of any business.

But what are the available options for the business owners to set up their office?

Well, there are numerous office space options out there! All that you need to do is to evaluate the pros and cons of each office space type and choose the one that best suits your business.

Let’s see all the available office space options in detail.


What is co-working?

It’s nothing but sharing your office space with other businesses. Yes, these days most of the companies start their operations having very less number of employees, and they don’t just want to make a big commitment of leasing an office space of their own without knowing how their business would grow and at what pace.

All they want is a professional environment where their employees can work without any sort of disturbance. And, that is exactly what co-working offers; a conducive and productive environment with no long term commitment, but with other businesses operating along.

Not to forget the disadvantages of co-working office space; if yours is a company where privacy and confidentiality matters a lot, co-working might not be a wise choice.


The concept of shared offices is somewhat similar to co-working, but here the redundant office space which is no longer useful for a business will be shared with other businesses which are looking for an office space to carry out their operations.

This generates revenue to the company that’s running the office as it provides a flexible and cheap alternative for the start-ups to get out of their home office. It can also be thought of as subleasing, where company finds the office space too large and it wants to rent out the unused space. One main benefit of shared office is that it offers a dynamic work environment for the company while also providing access to the new markets.


According to the experts, dedicated office space is the best way to provide employees an ideal work environment which also nurtures the burgeoning brands. Yes, having a dedicated office space of your own is always a plus to your business. Your employees will have a productive environment and will also have the sense of freedom as the office space is completely theirs.

Yet another benefit of having a dedicated office space is it helps greatly in enhancing the brand image. The wide range of benefits offered by a dedicated office space is the main reason for companies opting for it.

Your dedicated office space can either be of open floor or of closed cubicles; both the concepts have their own pros and cons. For instance, if your employees will have to engage in calls all the day, open floor plan will definitely not be a good choice.

Also, the statistics say that number of sick leaves is more in open floor offices than in offices with cubicle plan.

After going through these points, which office space type do you think suits your business the best? Don’t you think the dedicated office space has an upper edge over other office space types? By looking at the wide range of benefits offered, we can say that dedicated office space is the best choice for start-ups. Just find an office space that suits your business and start your operations.

If finding an office space is your concern, Fortuneprops can help you with that. Just let us know your requirements; our experienced professionals help you find a perfect office space that suits your budget.

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