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One of the Jannah Promised Makkan Sahabi

Author: Ady Grewal
by Ady Grewal
Posted: Jun 04, 2019

Abu Ubaidah (RA) is one of the ten Sahaba (RA), to whom the Prophet (SAW) promised to enter Jannah. He was born in the tribe of Quraysh and was typically known for his humility, humbleness and moral character. The actual name of Abu Ubaidah was Amir Ibn Abdullah Ibn Al-Jarrah, but he became popular as Abu Ubaidah Ibn Al-Jarrah (RA).

Though he was gentle among his friends, at the time of deciding right or wrong, he would become strict. Before the advent of Islam, Abu Ubaidah (RA) felt idolatry wrong faith. He was so persistent regarding that when he learned about it through Abu Bakr (RA), he embraced it without any hesitation. Abu Ubaidah (RA) was early the eighth person who embraced Islam. He was given the title of "Amin-ul-Ummah" (the nation trustworthy) by Prophet (SAW) because of his unmatched integrity and uprightness. Likewise, Abu Ubaidah (RA) the devotions of other Sahaba have recalled with the package of hajj and umrah London after performing the major or minor pilgrimage. Muslims fight numerous battles to defend their faith after the migration, yet Abu Ubaidah (RA) participated in all. He also took part in the battle of Badar the first Ghzwah between Muslim and Quraysh and he showed warriors skills in this battle. During the Battle, he noticed his father among the rows of the enemy. Thus, he would avoid facing his father but there came a time when both of them stood in front of each other. So, Abu Ubaidah (RA) had no other option in order to defend his life as well as faith. They swapped blows, and Abu Ubaidah (RA) father fell down at his feet. Abu Ubaidah (RA) was very down to see that truth. Conversely, Allah (SWT) removed immensity from his heart at that incident.

Later the Battle of Uhud brought new trials of faith for Muslims as in such time the Quraysh army overdid the numbers of Mujahedeen when a group of Mujahedeen rushed after the booty, leaving their defending spots at the hill. The situation created worse as deceptive news about the Prophet’s (SAW) death spread among the Sahaba. Many Muslims run away from the battlefield during the fighting. Abu Ubaidah (RA), however, continued fighting bravely by facing enemy among the soldiers who decided to fight until the end.

At once, Abu Ubaidah (RA) saw an arrow strike the Prophet (SAW), who then fell to the ground. Abu Ubaidah (RA) rushed towards Prophet (SAW) and perceived two chains of the Prophet’s (SAW) armor had gone through his cheeks which caused serious injury and heavy bleeding. Abu Ubaidah (RA) immediately took out these chains from the Prophet’s (SAW) face.

Abu Ubaidah (RA) was a popular and extremely loyal Muslim armed commander. Muslims controlled the people of different tribes around the Madinah under his command who further contributed in army determinations to spread Islam. He merged his forces with the Mujahedeen army at Mutah war in Jordan against the Roman army. The signs of Battels are still found by the pilgrims who visit the spots on cheap umrah packages prices in the whole Arab Peninsula.

He led the Muslim army when the Mujahedeen advanced to conquer Makkah. The abilities by them Abu Ubaidah (RA) was admired were obviously his humility and purity of intentions when it came to struggling in the cause of Allah (SWT). He (RA) never hesitated to surrender his leadership because he knew he was fighting for a great cause but not for worldly power or authority.

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