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Ady Grewal

United Kingdom

Member since: Apr 06, 2019
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Reward of Prayer in Masjid E Nabvi

Prayer or Salah is the second pillar of Islam and someone could not become a practical Muslim unless he/she performs it five times a day. In fact, Prayer was granted to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at the...

Articles > News & Society > Religion Sep 20, 2019
Wuqoof at Muzdalifah During the Hajj

Muzdalifah is the place where pilgrims reach after the sunset from Arafat on the 9th Dhul Hijjah or the second day of the Hajj. Stretching from the Valley of Muhassar to the mountain of Ma’zmein...

Articles > News & Society > Religion May 02, 2019
04 Well-Known Mosques in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Though several mosques are found in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, yet four striking mosques such as Island Mosque, Fatima Az-Zahra Mosque, Abdul Rauf Khalid Mosque, and King Saud Mosque are richly visited from...

Articles > News & Society > Religion Aug 14, 2019
10 Secrets in Masjid E Nabvi

Masjid Nabvi, also known as Prophet’s Mosque has incredible significance for Muslims. In the beginning, Masjid was built by mud, leaves of palm-trees and simple hospices but with the passage of time...

Articles > News & Society > Religion May 23, 2019
Another Lion of Allah-Almighty of Makkah

Abu Dujana was the Makkan Sahabi who was given the title of another Lion of Allah SWT. He belonged Ansaar embraced Islam early among the Muslims. He was well-known for his piety strength and bravery...

Articles > News & Society > Religion May 24, 2019
Condition of Veiling Face for Women to Wear Ihram

Ihram is, in fact, a special uniform for pilgrims who wear before entering the Holy Sanctuary of Mecca in order to perform the major or minor pilgrimage. It contains two parts which are worn by both...

Articles > News & Society > Religion Aug 19, 2019
Fact of Bab-E-Baqi Near the Masjid E Nabvi

Bab-e-Baqi is, in fact, the door of the cemetery where the near and dear of Prophet? are resting. It was connected in 1408 AH and is accurately contrary to Bab-e-Salam which is on the western side...

Articles > News & Society > Religion May 11, 2019
Ghamama is One of the Historical Mosques in Madinah

Ghamama is an Arabic term which means "cloud". Masjid is located about 300m south-west of Masjid-e-Nabvi. People who live near the area of barren land particularly visit Masjid in order to offer the...

Articles > News & Society > Religion Sep 05, 2019
One of the Jannah Promised Makkan Sahabi

Abu Ubaidah (RA) is one of the ten Sahaba (RA), to whom the Prophet (SAW) promised to enter Jannah. He was born in the tribe of Quraysh and was typically known for his humility, humbleness and moral...

Articles > News & Society > Religion Jun 04, 2019
Requirements for Hajj Visa

Though visa for any country of the world needs some particulars information, yet visa for Hajj needs each bit information which is not tolerated as people are being entered in the holy sanctuary of...

Articles > Travel & Tourism > Travel Tips Aug 12, 2019
Rules of Hajj Ul Tamatu and Hajj Ul Ifraad

When it comes to Hajj ul Tamatu, so this is a mandatory pilgrimage for those people who live more than 48 miles from Makkah. While Hajj ul Ifraad is fixed for those who live within 48 miles of Makkah...

Articles > News & Society > Religion Aug 11, 2019
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