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Van Tyres & Their Maintenance – Vital Info for Brit Fleet Owners

Author: Jack Brown
by Jack Brown
Posted: Jun 06, 2019

Vans are indispensable for the commercial sector. Be it a bakery, restaurant, or a logistics handling business, all of them are reliant on vans. Fleet owners are well acquainted with the importance of maintaining their vans in perfectly working condition for the sake of smooth business operations.

So, does your business depend on a fleet? Or a single van suffices your purpose?

Whatever the situation may be, probably, you are familiar with the routine maintenance of your van/vans. One crucial maintenance task that you cannot miss is changing the van tyres.

Why are tyres so important for vans?

Well, tyres are critical for any vehicle. Now, for vans, they hold greater significance. Vans run for a longer duration and traverse through difficult terrains that passenger car doesn't need to encounter.

Moreover, vans carry loads of higher weights. So, van tyres need to be significantly more durable than the average passenger tyre or even an SUV tyre.

Features of van tyres

Reinforced sidewalls are typical to these tyres enabling them to transport heavier consignment. You can identify a van tyre anywhere in the UK with the marking XL, meaning extra load, and with an RF, abbreviation of reinforced.

However, tyres brandishing the above markings are meant for lighter duty vans. If your purpose calls for strenuous operations, experts recommend going with tyres labelled ‘C'. These are tyres explicitly developed for heavy-duty vans and withstand rougher road surfaces. If country roads and construction sites are just a part of the daily itinerary for your vans, these are the ideal choice.

Need help to decide on the right van tyre set? Leave the task to experts. Garages like Gilgal Tyre sell a wide range of Van Tyres Manchester ( In-house experts will help you with the right purchase.

Additionally, van tyres will always feature a different kind of dimensional specification. You can quickly note this difference in the tyre code. The numerals and alphabets on these tyres lie in an entirely different range. For instance, the load rating in van tyres ranges from 65 to 124, much higher than regular tyres.

Van tyre maintenance

Maintaining your van's tyres are the same exercise as maintaining any other tyre. However, here are a few reminders –

  • Wheel alignment is essential for optimal tyre longevity. Due to the nature of the tasks vans are used for, they are bound to hit potholes and sustain significant on-tarmac impacts and vibrations. Routine wheel alignment is a must for these vehicles.

  • Maintaining appropriate wheel balance enables a van to run without any excessive vibrations. It also increases a tyre's tread life.

  • Regular tyre rotation is essential to ensure that pressure is distributed evenly on all four wheels. With equal tread depth across all four tyres, individual wheels will support equal weights, thereby wearing evenly.

A key pointer, specifically for van tyres

Vans don’t travel with equal weight every day. Depending on the size of freight, the total load will vary. Therefore, you must adjust the tyre pressure as per the cargo load.

It sounds like a tedious job, but your effort will pay back in terms of more fuel efficiency and extended tyre tread life.


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