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Is It Possible to Go Out of Credit and Do You Need It

Author: Ali Man
by Ali Man
Posted: Jun 23, 2019
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Everyone wants to be free and don’t depend on that kind of thing as credit. It’s better to live without debts and do everything to prevent it. There are two main rules you could hear about:

  • Try to plan your budget;

  • Don’t spend more than you earn.

It sounds easy, but most of the people don’t follow these simple rules. It seems to be boring, and nobody cares about budget management, despite it is a really important and helpful thing. If you plan your expenses and your income, you will never be in debt.

However, credits are not as bad as you think – they can really help if it’s an emergency or if you don’t have enough money at the moment. Nowadays the process of getting a loan is simplified. Short-term personal loans can be taken even with no bank account needed or with a bad score. You shouldn’t be afraid of credits and cut them out of your life even if you plan your budget. You just have to know how to treat them. Sure, it connects with budget management also.

Your Behavior Plays an Important Role

First of all, don’t waste your money and don’t buy anything you don’t really need, because money on your credit card will run out soon and you will be in debt. If this situation happens – stop to squander your money and try to repay a loan the faster the better until it becomes bigger.

But it doesn’t mean that you can always spend your money without need and then just repay small credits because it shows your irresponsibility, but it doesn’t change the reasons for trouble. Try to analyze your actions and habits and cut them down if they are dangerous for your budget.

Face Your Debt

Don’t say: "I have a credit, but it’s not that big" and then you keep on wasting. You need just to sit down and confront the situation – you are in debt and it’s time to calculate. You have to know the particular amount of money you owe and then you should calculate your Debt Ratio. It will help you to found out how much you have to earn to pay off your credit.

  • Don’t be afraid of a number, because it is still possible to manage. Don’t lie to yourself and do your best – the solution to this problem isn’t as hard as you think.

    Start to Earn Without Delay

    There is one way to repay debt – just earn more. Most people start to panic when they found out about this way because they think it’s hard and almost impossible to earn more money, not in an endless period of time. However, there are lots of methods to earn extra money.

    1. Sell your staff or your services. Do you have any clothes you don’t wear? Some things you don’t use? Sell it. Sure, this source of income will run out someday, but you will have money and that is really important. By the way, if you can bake cakes or knit cute scarfs – do it and sell it. Sure, it will hardly help if your debt is pretty big, but who knows – you may have success.
    2. Find another job or ask for a promotion. Obviously, you should earn more, but without any movement, you wouldn’t achieve your goals. Therefore you should use your brain to find a "smarter" job – it can be managed, writing articles or filling some documents. Look for a job where the salary is higher.
    3. Find a second job. If you don’t want to quit or you can’t get a promotion, then find another job. Sure, both of your jobs can be equal by the load, but try not to overburden yourself. It can make you be depressive and therefore it will be harder to manage your problem. You may become a waiter or a taxi driver (sure, if you have a car).

    Also, there are lots of Internet jobs – it’s a perfect variant if your first job is too tiring.

    In conclusion, there are two important things you should remember don’t be afraid of credits. It’s just a short period of solving financial problems. Don’t use your credit card as an endless source of money, use it as one more way to pay. And finally, be rational and always plan your budget – it’s easier than getting out of debt.

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