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Why Regular Septic Tank Maintenance is Important?

Author: Sean Erik
by Sean Erik
Posted: Jun 08, 2019

Proper functioning of the septic system requires septic tank maintenance every one to three years. But, many homeowners often forget this, and some think it is not important. Either way, if you miss cleaning of your septic tank on time, it may lead to the failure of the entire septic system. Therefore, septic tank maintenance is very important to ensure the appropriate functioning of a septic system.

Regular maintenance of the septic tank has many advantages. Let’s have a brief look at them.

1. Prevent clog up

Sludge and scum accumulated in the tank over the period of time can block the drainage from the home and begin to back-up the drain pipes and sewer lines. It may clog sinks and drains, cause them to overflow and send terrible odors into the home and surrounding environment. If this scum and sludge left untreated for long, it can leave the tank and enter the soil absorption field, which causes your drainfield to clog. Regular septic tank cleaning prevents clog ups and sewage backups.

2. Avoid costly repair

Once sludge and scum block the drain field, it is an expensive affair to repair. Sometimes even repair cannot fix the problem, and you have you to install the new septic system. Routine maintenance help avoids costly repair. When you hire professionals for septic tank maintenance, they will not only clean the septic tank thoroughly but also inspect the entire septic system for potential issues.

3. Increase efficiency

Regular cleaning of the septic tank increases the efficiency of the septic tank. Scum and sludge hamper biological decomposition process in the tank and decrease the efficiency of the tank. If you do not remove scum and sludge in the tank, it will start producing harmful bacteria and gases in the tank, which can kill vital bacteria responsible for decomposition. Regular maintenance ensures that your septic tank is functioning efficiently.

4. Extend the lifespan of the septic tank

Septic tank can even last for 100 years if you maintain it properly. Isn’t it great? But, at the same time, there are many cases where the septic system is in trouble in as little as 2 years. Regular septic tank maintenance extends the lifespan of a septic tank and reduces the risks of damage to the tank.

5. Protect the environment

Septic emergency is not only bad for you but also for the environment. First, it needs thousands of dollars to fix it, and second, it causes huge damage to the environment. Untreated water contains poisonous chemicals and organic compounds that can easily contaminate soil and nearby water bodies. You may end up attracting fine by local authorities as it is your responsibility to keep your septic system working properly. Routine maintenance avoids such troubles and saves you and the environment.

These are the five key advantages of septic tank maintenance. So get your septic tank inspected before it is too late.

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