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Introduction to Business Visa Requirements for the USA and London

Author: Immigration Lawyer
by Immigration Lawyer
Posted: Jun 08, 2019
business visa

A business visa is one of the categories of non-immigrant visas issued by the United States government to foreign citizens seeking entry for a temporary period. There are two types of B visas – B1 & B2.

The B-1 visa is issued to those seeking entry for business purposes. People who want are willing to visit the USA for educational purpose, professional or business convention can visit USA with the help of B1 Visa. But B1 Visa is only permitted for a specific time period. Here we will discuss some important B1 Visa requirements below.

B1 business visa requirements for the USA:

  • You need to show the purpose of visiting the USA is linked to business purpose only
  • You must ensure that your stay in the USA will be for a specific time period
  • You need to show proof of funds to cover expenses in the United States
  • You must provide evidence of compelling social and economic ties abroad
  • You must provide proof of having a residence outside the US as well as other binding ties which will ensure your return to home at the end of the visit

The above-mentioned requirements of B-1 visa are also applicable for applying visa to the USA from London.

The other type of business visa is a B-2 visa which is issued to those seeking entry for tourism or other purpose businesses. It allows you to enter the US for tourism, pleasure, or visit to friends and family.

Below are listed requirements of B-2 business visa USA from London:

  • You have enough financial means to cover your stay in the US.
  • You intend to return to your native country as soon as your visa expires
  • You do not have any intentions to stay in the US.

B1 visa lawyers do much more beyond helping people to visit and become citizens of new countries. Immigration attorneys can defend a person's case and prevent him or her from being deported to another country. A visa lawyer may provide legal advice about a person's ability to obtain a work visa in another country for a specified period of time. If a student is studying abroad, then he or she may want to consult with immigration attorneys for the appropriate visa.

A B1 visa lawyer helps you submit the appropriate documentation to prove your case in court. An immigration attorney also helps in ensuring that you are handling the process with as much efficiency as possible. He or she will try to avoid any delays in helping you to obtain your citizenship. An immigration visa lawyer helps you obtain the type of documentation that you need to legally reside within a country for a long period of time.

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