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What do Children Learn in Quality Child Care Centres in Toongabbie

Author: Christene Brennan
by Christene Brennan
Posted: Jun 09, 2019

Early learning child care centres in Toongabbie are more than places that take care of your children while you are at work. These centres give children the tools to succeed in the future. For budding children, every experience they encounter gives a learning opportunity. In fact, they learn from everything they see, do, feel, hear, smell, and taste.

Several studies show that quality child care offers a range of benefits to both children and their families. Children tend to learn the most when educational activities make up a small segment of their days, which is something, every child care in Toongabbie emphasise.

Your child continues to develop in many ways in a quality child care centre in Toongabbie. Teacher supports the children in all of the following areas.

Motor Skills

The teachers help children learn motor skills by offering them different kinds of physical activities with equipment in a way that children love to do it. Learning through playing is the concept behind early childhood programs. Your children will run, jump, climb, throw, and catch. They are allowed to explore materials like play dough, paints, puzzles, and sand through their hand. By using their bodies actively both indoors and outdoors, your children not only learn motor skills but also build healthy bones and muscles.

Social Skills

Social development help children get along with each other. By playing and learning, children build their social and language skills. Also, with the help of teachers, children learn to resolve conflicts that they encounter while playing.

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills develop when your child learn to think more complex, make decisions, resolve issues. When young children ask questions and explore things they tend to develop cognitive skills. Teacher help your children develop their thinking skills by providing materials to use and explore them, offering suggestions that encourage complex play and thinking, and asking certain questions that trigger their child’s thinking.

Language Development

Teachers help children use their communication skills to learn new concepts. When they are at preschool, children learn to understand and communicate through speaking, learning, reading, and writing.

In high-quality, Toongabbie child care centres, teachers focus on all areas of learning. They pay close attention to what your children are interested and then help develop their knowledge and skills in different areas. This kind of deeper learning helps your children prepare for higher grades.

The author is a blogger, and owns a Toongabbie child care centre. He claims to provide a warm and caring environment where your child can play and learn. For more details, please visit for more details.

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