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Golf Lessons in Singapore imparted by qualified golfers!

Author: Brad Ford
by Brad Ford
Posted: Jun 25, 2014

For beginners or ambitious learners who wish to excel in golf, the primary step in learning the sport is to master the basics and seek proficient training at Singapore Golf Lessons Academy. One elementary that has got to be emphasized from a golfer's foremost initial swing is to stay your head steady and level throughout the swing.

Trying up or bobbing the top up and down makes it very troublesome to form solid contact with the ball. At Singapore Golf Lessons Academy, you will be trained about essential of sport!


The placement of your hands on the club is named because the grip. The grip ought to be comfy and will change your hands to figure along.

Posture and Stance

The correct posture at address contributes to keeping the clubface sq. and creating solid contact with the ball. You bend forward from the hips at roughly thirty five degrees, flex your knees and let your arms droop naturally. The spine is angulate roughly ten degrees off from the target. The golf player ought to feel comfy at address, neither standing thus tall that he feels too near the ball, or slouching and reaching for the ball. Tension at address causes your swing arc to be restricted, reducing power. The longer the club, the broader the stance you're taking. With a driver at Golf Lessons Singapore, stand together with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. As you progress right down to the wedge, the stance increasingly narrows.

Standing Up

In the correct address position, you must bend at the hips and flex your knees. You would possibly keep this position throughout your backswing however, as you begin your downswing, you would possibly straighten your legs and back. Maybe you are attempting to hit the ball tougher. In any case, standing up will increase the space from you to the ball; if you hit the ball in any respect, you almost certainly area unit about to hit the highest goal.

Ball Position

If the ball is simply too way forward in your stance, it is simple to hit it fat. The club-head reaches rock bottom of its swing arc before it gets to the ball. If you regulate your swing and learn techniques at Golf Lessons in Singapore, you do not hit the bottom; the club-head are swinging upward by the time it reaches the ball. Once that happens, you've got no likelihood of touch rock bottom half the ball. you will either prime or whiff the ball.

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