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Why Dental Implants Fail In Some Cases

Author: Sophie Molineux
by Sophie Molineux
Posted: Jun 12, 2019

In Dubai, there are many reputed private hospitals where you can go for any kind of dental treatment without having second thoughts whether it is dental implant, tooth extraction, cosmetic fillings, smile makeover, crown and bridge work, dental laser, root canal treatment, tooth restoration or treatment of severe gum condition.

But, today, we will discuss answers to some questions which tease some people who face dental implant failure. In general, dental implant is considered to be the most effective dental treatment for badly damaged tooth or tooth loss. The average success rate is around 98%. So, dental implants do fail sometimes even if the treatment is carried out with extreme care and attention.

First of all, you should know that when dealing with the human body, there is no treatment that can provide 100% positive result every time in every case. Even though we all look the same, our bodies react and behave differently to different chemicals in different conditions. Therefore, dental implant failure, even though with 1-2% rate, is a fact that should be accepted.

Before moving to reasons, let’s first check out types of dental implants failure.

Types of Dental Implant Failure


When fixtures are not properly fitted or the technique is not used in an appropriate way, this may result in persistent infection which will require removal of the screw. Substandard fixtures are very common when a dentist is not experienced enough or a cheaper implant is used.

Wiggling Implants

Again, if substandard fixtures are used, you will have loose implants. If an implant is placed on a not-so-solid bone structure, this may also result in wiggling implants.

Nerve Impairment

When proper techniques are not used, it may also cause numbness, pain or tingling sensation.

Major Reasons for Dental Implant Failure

Dental implant may fail due to a number of reasons. However, to minimize the causes that have something to do with technique, experience of dentist, standard of fixtures and implants, you should always pick a registered and licensed dentist for dental treatment in Dubai. Most of the time dental implant failure occurs when both dentists and patients agree for cheaper solutions. This is why some implants cost more than others.

Trying to use shortcuts in diagnostic phase

Diagnosis for dental implants requires 3-D panographic X-ray. But, some dentists go for two-dimensional X-ray to shortcut the procedure of diagnosis.

Insufficient or inadequate information about patient’s medical history

There are several medical conditions that can affect the failure or success of dental implants. Therefore, the patient’s medical history must not be ignored ever before providing dental solution and carrying out any procedure. A rigorous interview and diagnosis should be performed to avoid complications.

Improper dental implant fixtures

Even though there are hundreds of companies that manufacture and design dental implant fixtures, only a few of them do proper research and use high quality material. Since such research programs are expensive, dental implant procedures are expensive. So, you should settle only for high quality fixtures which can contribute to the success of dental implants.

Wrong placement of dental implant

Cases of incorrect placement of dental implants happen when inadequate diagnosis is carried out by the dentist. The placement of dental implants and type of implants are decided during the diagnostic stage. This may also happen when there is a lack of communication between the restorative dentist and the dental surgeon.

How to Minimize the Risk of Dental Implant Failure

The most important advice I would like to give you is you should practice proper oral hygiene during and after the healing phase.

Again, I would recommend you to find an experienced dentist or dental surgeon. You can also ask around about the reputation of a particular dentist or try to get recommendations on which your friends, family, neighbors or relatives trust. You can also talk to previous patients who have had dental treatment to know the genuine feedback.

Next thing you should have enough savings or you can buy some good dental insurance policy before going for dental implants. It is because dental implants are expensive as both the material and dentist costs are high. You may go for a cheaper solution but that would likely increase the chance of dental implant failure.

For security and trust, you should always get a written treatment plan and check how many years of guarantee the dentist is offering to you. While some dentists offer a guarantee of 2 years for certain types of implants, others offer 10 to 15 years of guarantee.

So, I hope, you can easily figure out how to increase the chances of success of your dental implants. For best treatment, check out some of the Medical Centers in Dubai
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