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Swiss Army Knives for Sale at White Mountain Knives

Author: John Hrq
by John Hrq
Posted: Jun 13, 2019
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Mankind’s most fundamental tool is a knife, broadly and specifically. In this suite of knives as a tool, one of the most iconic tools of all time is the Swiss Army Knife. Poetically or plainly, there’s no skipping or jumping around this indisputable fact. That reputation has been earned by Swiss Army Knives through decades of hard use and success under trial. Why exactly such necessaries as pen knives, saw blades, can and bottle openers, corkscrews and the like were ever joined in a single piece of hardware is irrelevant by this point, because the immense utility and compact portability only make a reasonable question of why not sooner.

As Swiss Army Knives have been used to such great effect for so long, and nearly all people who work or pursue crafts or hobbies with their hands have at one time or other punched holes with an awl or trimmed lines with a knife, it is no surprise to see so many people looking for Swiss Army Knives for sale. Fortunately, they can be found quite readily after only a short suit and in as wide a selection of formats, sizes and configurations as the imagination can concoct.

Models like the simplest and perhaps most recognizable as the Victorinox Swiss Lite Swiss Army Knife with a translucent ruby handle are readily available. It is perhaps the most iconic of a storied and iconic line, sporting not only a mini LED light but also a knife, file, scissors, screwdriver, and tweezers.

As though a model as simple and yet utile as this were not enough, you will find models like Victorinox’s Swiss Champ, which bears almost too many tools to compact into a sentence. With two blades, scissors, pliers, a bottle opener, several saws, a magnifying glass, a pen, tweezers, several screwdrivers and yet more totaling 29 tools in all, this is a multi tool that will serve well in any hands.

Between these two ends of the spectrum, you might also be looking for models like the Victorinox Swiss Army Swisstool Spirit, Keysmart Swiss Army Knives, Victorinox Pioneers or others, depending on your needs and the intended uses of the tool.

Therefore, it’s less of a surprise that you’re looking for Swiss Army Knives for sale and more a matter of a supplier. This has nearly as easy of an answer as the question of the value of a Swiss Army Knife. When you’re looking for blades of any nature, Swiss Army or other, from kitchen knives to fillet knives, White Mountain Knives is the seller of choice. They carry a wider selection than the competition, excellent pricing, and access to even more stock than listed on their site due to extensive vendor connections.

As if this weren’t reason enough to start perusing their wares - and it is - White Mountain Knives ships orders free in the United States. That makes it superior to brick and mortar shopping on grounds not only of price but of selection and shipping. So head to and settle on your Swiss Army pocket knife of choice today.

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