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Wordpress security tips - how to secure our wordpress website!

Author: Ravi Maru
by Ravi Maru
Posted: Jun 16, 2019

Let’s come to see, how to secure our WordPress website in an easy waySecurity is one of the major concerns when we running a WordPress site. If you are a WordPress site owner, it is your responsibility to protect your site from hackers and other security attacks. WordPress is the most well-known content management system that is used on over 40% of all the websites on the internet today. No doubt, WordPress is a power-packed and one of the best CMS platforms that comes with a top of themes, plugins and out-of-the-box capabilities, but you can’t change that the fact is one of the most hacked CMS platforms across the web.Recent updates have shown that over 60% of sites on the internet are to attacks from cybercriminals. This is because the developer fails to provide their websites with proper security.other than this, across 10% of security loopholes, on a WordPress website, is created by having a too weak password. So the first thing you’ll want to do is ensure you’re using a complex password.If you are a WordPress beginner or an experienced developer, make sure that you use the best safety practices to prevent your site against hackers. You should strengthen the login page, admin page of your site to restrict hackers from gaining access to your site. other than this you can install the best security tools and plugins offered by WordPress to get the most of it quickly and efficiently.

1. Never use "admin" as your username

Unfortunately, the login page of a WordPress site is one of the major targets for hackers. You can set your Username lowercase and uppercase like your username is username than set as "Anything different" this username may be is too complex for the hacker. If you have already installed WordPress using the by lack of username, you can immediately change it by adding an SQL query in PHPMyAdmin. Also, sure that you use something unique and difficult to crack username for your site.

2.Create your Strong/complex Password

It does not matter how unique your username is, if your password is weak, a hacker can easily gain access and destruct your site’s online visibility. So you have to create a strong password should also be Alphanumeric, symbolic key like @,! _, $. &. you can set your password same as username like "UsErNaMe$321".

3. Use Two-Factor Authentication

If you implement two-factor authentication on your login page, you can 95 percent guarantee the security of your site. When you access this two-factor method, the user is required to provide two modes of authentication. It could be a standard password, and a secret code or question. This helps by increasing the level of security, right at the login screen.

4. Regular update Your WordPress Site and Backup

Whenever WordPress comes out with a new release, it always comes with improved security measures. Lots of vulnerabilities and bugs are identified and repaired, with each and every new version of WordPress.

It does not matter how secure your site, you should always create a backup of your WordPress site. That makes sure it will keep your site in a secure mode as anything could happen with your site. So, ensure that you keep a regular backup using backup tools.


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Author: Ravi Maru

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